bybmg: Unique Kids' Birthday Party Ideas

Unique Kids' Birthday Party Ideas


Today I'm linking up with Momfessional's Show and Tell Tuesday! The theme this week is kids' parties, so I thought I would round up some that I've done for the boys over the years! I feel like my parties are a good mix of Pinterest Mom and Amazon Prime Mom. I think you'll agree! 

Henry's first birthday started off the tradition of first birthdays with a theme around our kiddos first name. We celebrated with an Oh Henry candy bar themed party that you can read all about here.

Wesley's name was a little more difficult to theme around, but I made it happen with a W is for Wesley party. I also shared a tutorial for his cake and birthday bunting on the blog!

And our last first birthday party was such a fun theme with Calvin and Hobbes complete with red wagon krispy treats for the kids to make!

Henry's had a Lego party that he helped with.

Wesley had a Mickey party complete with Pez dispensers and easy cupcakes.

I've also done an Elmo party and a Buzz Lightyear party!

This year for Henry's party, we did Chuck E Cheese, so there was no theme. Wesley swears he also wants a party there... so I may just have to plan Calvin's this year! We'll see!

What about you? Are you a birthday theme party planner? 

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