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Spring is the season for the bright blooms of daffodils! Though we have no daffodils in our yard, I thought it would be fun to make some using recycled materials and things we had around the house.  Hopefully, this will inspire your child to participate in many creative learning activities this spring! So dig an egg carton out of the recycling bin and start creating
Happy Friday! Della at Della Devoted, Katie at Cup of Tea, Tif at Bright on a Budget, and I want to welcome you to High Five for Friday! Each week we share the best parts of the week and hope you'll join us!

I may receive a commission (with no extra cost added to you) if you make a purchase from the links in this post. Thanks for supporting the time and love I put into this space. Please see my disclosure for more details.


I received this phone case free for review, but all opinions are my own!

There's just something about a pretty phone case that makes me smile. I love personalizing them to my interests! Today I wanted to share my new, one of a kind, phone case with you and how you can get your own for a discount!

Welcome to this month's edition of $10 at Target! Each month I head to Target with a $10 budget and see what I can find. This month's solo trip was the perfect mommy vacation!

Before I get to what I did get, here a few things I passed up:

Happy Friday! Spring is here and we're excited to celebrate Easter this weekend! Here are highlights from this past week:


Need a quick and easy way to color your Easter Eggs without much fuss? Today I'm sharing a way that can be accomplished in just minutes!

So, a utility vest. I've talked about it here. and I have worn it here, and here, and here. Let's just say it's another one of those staple wardrobe pieces. Today I wanted to show you how it totally adds to an outfit.

Erin from Perfectly Port Family has a 10 on the 10th link up and today's prompt is what's in your bag? It's been a while since I shared what's in my bag, but today I thought it would be fun to show you again.
Happy Friday! This week was a good one despite lots of rain. The sun came out yesterday and it was just the ticket! P.S. Did you enter the PayPal Cash Giveaway I posted Monday?


Our sweet Wesley is FOUR today! I can't believe it. This kid zoomed into our world and we love him so much. He has so much personality. He is sensitive, humorous, and can break out into song and dance at a moment's notice. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Who else is happy it's spring? Things are greening up around here, the kids are playing outside, and I don't have to bundle up every time I go outside. Today Della, Nicole, Tif, and I are all sharing our spring pastel looks!

Having a fresh pair of shoes (or eight) is always a good kick start to your wardrobe. Shoes typically always fit, they can be worn multiple times a week without question, and they just add a little to your outfit. Today I'm coming at you with eight budget-friendly pairs of shoes all from Target that will add some great versatility and character to your wardrobe this spring. 

Today I thought it would be fun to do a round up of what I've been wearing lately. I post my outfits each day on Instagram, but the day to day outfits don't make the blog all the time. As I look through my outfits, leggings and stripes make a frequent appearance!

Happy Friday! This week has been BUSY and I'm so excited for a weekend to breathe a little!  Here are highlights of what we've been up to!

 I may receive a commission (with no extra cost added to you) if you make a purchase from the links in this post. I received this skirt free in exchange for review. Thanks for supporting the time and love I put into this space. Please see my disclosure for more details.


Top: c/o Lavish and Luxe Boutique - Jeans: Old Navy - Booties: Toms (similar) - Clutch: gift 
Earrings - A Pretty Pear - Necklace: Paparazzi Jewelry

Russ and I had a date night last Friday night. We originally were going to go to a concert, but honestly, we were feeling worn out from the week, so we sold our tickets and just got dinner and hung out at home. It was wonderful. The kids were at the grandparents' over night, so we even got to go out for breakfast!

I wish I could count the number of time someone has said, "Can you come dress me?" So, today ladies, I'm dressing you! If I could come shop with you, here are things I would pick out right now. I feel like they work for anyone and they will help you feel put together this spring! All of these pieces are under $40 and many are under $20!

Some days, it's easy to just to back to the basics. A chambray top is definitely a staple piece in my wardrobe because there are unlimited ways to wear it!

I got the crafting itch again. This time it was for something to pep up my table. I went to my felt stash, saw orange and green, and knew it could make an adorable carrot! It's so easy you can do it too! I whipped them all up in less than 30 minutes!
Happy Friday! I hope your week was great! Here are the highlights of our week. Don't forget to enter the giveaway for some awesome prizes I wish I could win!

 I may receive a commission (with no extra cost added to you) if you make a purchase from the links in this post. I received this skirt free in exchange for review. Thanks for supporting the time and love I put into this space. Please see my disclosure for more details.


We ended spring break with a fun St. Patrick's Day. We had friends over to play, ate Lucky Charms + M&Ms + Rolos, and had festive floats to end the day! It was great!


The boys don't have a ton of green shirts, but coincidentally, they all have green hoodies, so I snapped a quick picture of them on St. Paddy's Day on our way to the Y.


The rest of the week at our house was basically overtaken by the plague. First Calvin and Henry were sick, then Russ was sick, then I wasn't feeling very well. Russ and I were supposed to go to a concert tonight, but we honestly decided we were just too worn out to do so. So, instead we sold the tickets and we're just going out for dinner and relaxing. Much needed after this week.


So, remember that No Shop March I was talking about? Well, the Kate Spade Surprise Sale made me break down. I found this beauty for a great price. I LOVE the fold over style. I LOVE the polka dots. I LOVE that it's a cross body, so I bought it. BUT I did list a few things on Poshmark to make up for it, so it should more than even out. I made it to March 22. Not too shabby.


Speaking of shopping, Cents of Style has this adorable tunic on sale today for their Fashion Friday. It's called the Hannah Keyhole Tunic and I just love it. It has adorable keyholes in the front and the back. I appreciate that they are still modest so I felt comfortable wearing this to school. This tunic comes in so many great colors like this olive, but also navy, black, blush, gray, and more! It's awesome for pairing with skinny jeans and is a great seasonal transition piece with it's 3/4 sleeve! Hop over and shop here and use code TOPSTORY today through 3/26 to get yours for $19.95 plus free shipping! 

$10 at Target: Basics

Kate Spade, LipSense & Purple Peridot Giveaway

Floral LuLaRoe Leggings and Utility Jacket

I've been a LuLaRoe lover for almost three years now. My first LuLaRoe outfit hit the blog in April 2014. LuLaRoe has exploded in my closet and in women's closets across the US. I was tidying up my dresser this past weekend and counted 22 pairs of LuLaRoe leggings. 22! And when I searched my blog posts for LuLaRoe, 140 had some mention of it. Needless to say, LuLaRoe is a big part of my wardrobe!

Happy Tuesday! I have a fun giveaway for you today!

Welcome to this month's edition of $10 at Target! Each month I head to Target with a $10 budget and see what I can find. I actually declared March a no spend month, but I had to make an exception... $10 for this post was going to happen! 

First off, here are a few things I found but didn't buy:
We had a nice week of spring break! The weather didn't feel much like spring most of the week, but we made the best of it! Each week I round up five highlights of the week!


Henry has been learning so much at school, and he spotted Abraham Lincoln outside the mall, so we had to take a photo!

I'm so happy that this year St. Patrick's Day is over spring break, so we'll be home to celebrate and have some fun!  Today I wanted to round up just a couple ideas that are pretty simple so you could use them this week! Enjoy!

As I was thinking about outfit ideas for St. Patrick's Day, I was going through my closet and realizing I don't own a ton of true green. Most of the green I own is more olive. But, St. Patrick's Day also seems to have some touches of gold to it, so I though I would combine what I had and give you an idea if you're not one to have a lot of green in your closet either!
Happy Friday! I'm so excited because next week we're on spring break! We don't have any huge plans, just some fun things to mix it up a little bit. Here are highlights of this week!


Henry's school had a family night on Friday night. It was a little chaotic because there were a lot of people there, but we did hit up the photo booth, and I think the pictures totally capture our personalities!

I received product free in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

I've been in direct sales for a few years now. I've been with two different companies, and I think I've finally found my sweet spot with being a distributor for Senegence. Senegence is the company that makes LipSense. I've been with them for about eight months, and I'm learning new things every day. I feel like I've been somewhat successful, so today I wanted to share some tips that I think are helping me stand out!

This month, WhitneyMeganBeth and I decided to put a fun spin on our mom style and copy one another's looks from the past! 

Happy Monday! Today Nicole, Tif and I are teaming up to show off some of the great skirt styles that LuLaRoe Tracy Vazquez has to offer! I'm styling the Madison Skirt, which has been my favorite LuLaRoe skirt for a long while!

Happy Friday! It was my birthday on Monday and the celebration has pretty much touched every day of the week from happy mail to free coffee!

I may receive a commission (with no extra cost added to you) if you make a purchase from the links in this post. Thanks for supporting the time and love I put into this space. Please see my disclosure for more details.


My birthday was Monday and I cashed in my free Starbucks birthday drink on Sunday. I always get a Venti when I'm getting a free drink! I got an iced caramel latte. Yum!

Happy Wednesday! It's the first Wednesday of the month, so Della, Nicole, Tif, and I are all taking our spin on a style! This month we're all sharing florals! Who doesn't love a good floral print?

Today I'm linking up with Momfessional's Show and Tell Tuesday! The theme this week is kids' parties, so I thought I would round up some that I've done for the boys over the years! I feel like my parties are a good mix of Pinterest Mom and Amazon Prime Mom. I think you'll agree! 

Today's the big 33 for me, so I thought it would be fun to share some random facts. Enjoy!

1. I hated Chinese food as a kid. I remember sitting at a table for hours (though it probably wasn't hours) because I would not eat my rice. Now, I love it!

2. When going to sleep, I must have the covers right up to my chin. Russ jokes that I'm in a cocoon, but really, I probably am.
Happy Friday, friends! Today the weather is crummy here, but I'm excited for a day off! Here are highlights of the week!


Ya know every once in a while, you just have to treat yourself? We were at the mall last week and I walked in to Altar'd State and saw this cardigan (which isn't on their website that I could see). With the lace detail, I just had to splurge. I rarely buy things at full price (besides LuLaRoe), so this was a fun little treat. I think it will be a great piece for spring!

I received this dress free in exchange for my review. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

So right off the bat I have to say that this dress has me feeling like a 1950s lady. I had a friend comment that it looks like I'm straight out of the movie Pleasantville, and I couldn't agree more. From the dress's fit to the polka dots to the bag, I felt all classy.

Welcome to another month of $10 at Target! Each month some lovely ladies and I hop over to the land of the red bulls eye with $10 in hand and see what we can find. It's always an adventure! In usual fashion, I'll start off with what I didn't buy:
TGIF!  We're in for a great weekend, I hope! Temps are supposed to be in the high 60s which is unheard of for Iowa at this time of year. We had a great week! Here are the highlights:


We made Valentine boxes for the boys. Wesley wanted Elsa (of course) and Henry wanted a Minecraft Enderman. I think they turned out well!

I didn't make any home made Valentines this year, but the slime Valentines I got from the Target dollar spot were a huge hit!

Having little ones, it's truly hard to decorate. Anything I put out usually gets picked up and taken somewhere else. I know it's just a stage, but I really miss having some decor in our living room. I've seen some really pretty trays, so I decided to decorate one myself to fill my crafting itch and make something the boys can't bother too much.

One fun thing I've had in my craft stash for years is an old dictionary. I've decorated a few things with it including a bust that I keep my necklaces on and some other home decor. I got the tray, paint, and Mod Podge at Target's craft section.

First, I gave the tray two coats of paint. Looking at the final result, I think it could have used three coats because it was a little streaky still at the finish.

After allowing the tray to dry, I cut a heart out from one of the dictionary pages. It's always fun to read the definitions and see what words they decided to illustrate on the margins.

Next, I put a coat of Mod Podge down on the tray and placed the heart where I wanted it to go.

I topped the heart with more Mod Podge, smoothed it out the best I could, and let it dry.

The end result definitely has a DIY look to it, but I like it. As I sit here and write this post, the tray already has a toy in it, but that's kind of a given around here. I know the tray will get lots of use and add a pop of color to my home!

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