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PR/Media Kit

Welcome to my corner of the internet and small glimpses into my life. Check out my About Me page for some information about who I am.

I have over 2,400 follower on Twitter, over 1,000 followers on Pinterest, over 3,500 followers on Instagram, over 700 Facebook fans. I post to Instagram and stories multiple times a week, if not daily.


I enjoy reviewing products, and will do so for products and services that fit my interests. I will honestly review products/services in exchange for the product/service.

Some product areas that I am interested in reviewing:
  •  Fashion (clothing, shoes, accessories)
  • Children's items (I have three boys, born 1/10, 4/13 and 5/15)
  • Beauty items
  • Household items/home decor 
  • Food items

I love partnering with companies whose products I love.

Here are some of my non-fashion collaborations:
Walmart Family Mobile
Disney Circle
Pazazz Apples

Here are some of my fashion collaborations:

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions 
Democracy Clothing
No Nonsense

I've been blogging since February 2013.

Contact me at becky(dot)goerend(at)gmail(dot)com

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