bybmg: 33 Facts for my 33rd Birthday

33 Facts for my 33rd Birthday


Today's the big 33 for me, so I thought it would be fun to share some random facts. Enjoy!

1. I hated Chinese food as a kid. I remember sitting at a table for hours (though it probably wasn't hours) because I would not eat my rice. Now, I love it!

2. When going to sleep, I must have the covers right up to my chin. Russ jokes that I'm in a cocoon, but really, I probably am.

3. I really, really, really dislike it when my food touches. There are some foods that are acceptable together like potatoes and other vegetables, but overall, I like to keep my food separate.

4. Because of #3, we have adult sized divided Corelle plates at our house and at most of my family gatherings, my mom buys divided plates for me.

5. I also wouldn't touch cottage cheese with a 10 foot pole as a kid, and now I love that too. I worked at a restaurant in high school that had a small salad bar, I tried cottage cheese there and the rest is history.

6. My dresser and desk are total pits most of the time. I don't have my own office space at home, and so my stuff ends up everywhere.

7. I had my appendix out when I was 24 on Leap Day. If it wasn't for a 2 hour snow delay that day, I probably won't not have gone to the doctor and who knows what would have happened then.

8. I've never broken a bone (knocks on wood).

9. I hate pickles and mustard.

10. I drove an old brown Honda Accord with flip up lights, a sun roof, a "sweet" Bose speaker system when I was in high school. I totally thought it was cool and would drive around bumping to Nelly's Country Grammar.

11. All of my kids were born a week or more before their due date.

12. Wesley was born within 45 minutes of arriving to the hospital. I never planned to have a med-free birth, but I didn't have a choice.

13. Giraffes are my favorite animal. I'm not sure why, but I love them and collect giraffe things which usually end up in my classroom.

14. I'm terrible at drinking water, but I'm trying to become better at it.

15. I wish I could have really long hair, but my hair just doesn't seem made for it.

16. I rarely nap. Like even when I was on maternity leave or at the beginning of my pregnancies I couldn't nap. I just am not a napper.

17. I have a ton of lotion and I really don't apply it that much.

18. I blame my waistline on my sweet tooth. I just have no self control when it comes to sweets.

19. I also blame my waistline on the fact that I find a McDonald's cheeseburger with only ketchup and a large Diet Dr. Pepper delicious.

20. I still have the BabyBump app on my phone. We're DONE having babies, but I have belly shots logged by week in the app that I need to print and haven't gotten to. And our "baby" will be two in May!

21. I am one of those people who can't stand having unread emails in my inbox. You will never see a number next to my email icon on my phone nor my text message icon.

22. I used to swear I would never own a minivan, but the last time my SUV had troubles, I totally went back on that and started looking at minivans. So, I'm pretty sure when our SUV really dies, we'll be getting a minivan.

23. I never wore lipstick or really any lip color at all until I discovered LipSense. Now I wear lip color every single day.

24. I'm a paper to-do list and shopping list person.

25. I detest cleaning, especially bathrooms.

26. However, I don't mind folding laundry because I have specific ways I like my clothes folded.

27. I was two days away from being a leap year baby and every once in a while I think it'd be cool if I was one.

28. I joke that Henry was made of chocolate cupcakes and soda, but really he probably was. The year I was pregnant with him, our local convenience store offered up a mug for their 50th anniversary. $50 for the mug and unlimited refills all year. I seriously went in every single morning to fill it up and many mornings picked up cupcakes... So unhealthy, yet I gained under 30 lbs with him.

29. I've been terrible lately with buying clothes lately and am considering a no spend March.

30. I'm the first to admit that one great perk to being a teacher is summer break, spring break, and holiday breaks.

31. Grocery delivery/pick up has changed my life. Taking the kids to the grocery store is a nightmare. Sure, we still end up having to take them every so often, but I much prefer not to.

32. If a craft is going to take multiple days or even multiple hours, you probably won't find me doing it.

33. I'm a non-adventurous eater. If I'm going out to eat, I have a specific dish I order at most restaurants. Why pay good money for something you're not sure you'll like? At Olive Garden, it's either cheese ravioli or the Tour of Italy. At Subway it's Turkey and Provolone on white. At our local BBQ place, it's their pulled pork sandwich. At Cheesecake Factory it's the stuffed chicken tortillas. I'm predictable!

Well... if you made it though all 33 things, bless you. And looking back I realize a lot of them are about food. I must be hungry! What's a fun random fact about YOU?

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