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I remember being in high school talking to a friend about beauty/make up stuff and she brought up that she got her eyebrows waxed on a regular basis. I was never a huge make up or hair maintenance girl, but I was intrigued, so she took me to a salon and I got it done. 

Fast forward 15 years later. I've had ups and downs with my eyebrows. Good waxing jobs, home waxing jobs, tweezing, and just giving up sometimes!

This summer I discovered eyebrow threading and I love it. Threading is where the the eyebrows are shaped with two cotton threads that pull the hairs out in short lines. It's quick, easy, and doesn't irritate my skin. I get it done at a kiosk in the middle of our mall.

Here's a little before (documented the day before) and after (documented the day after) of a recent threading:

So why do I like threading as opposed to other methods? Here are my five reasons:

1. It is less time consuming than tweezing. - Tweezing each single hair just takes too much time. I don't have the patience for it either. Sure, I'll do a touch up every now and then, but shaping them all from scratch doesn't work for me.

2. It is more gentle on my skin than waxing. - Waxing adds all the heat and rips on my skin. It always leaves my eyebrows irritated and they usually end up breaking out, too. Threading simply pulls the hairs out, so my skin is left alone.

3. It is very precise and shapes my brows well. - Threading is so precise! They can get things down to the single hair and even get the little tiny hairs that you might not catch tweezing.

4. I don't have to make an appointment. - I go to a threading place that's in the middle of the mall. I have never had to wait! And if I ever did, I could just shop!

5. Sometimes I can find a deal. - One of the first places I go when I'm looking for a massage or beauty service is Groupon. There are so many Health, Beauty, and Wellness Groupons available, and my threading place currently has a promotion to purchase.

So, have I convinced you to get your eyebrows threaded yet? Have you ever used Groupon for services such as this? Which Health, Beauty, and Wellness Groupon are you going to purchase next?

TGIF!  This week has been a long one, and I'm so excited to see the boys all dressed up in their costumes to enjoy Halloween!


I taught Henry to play Monopoly last weekend. Thank goodness for phones that take pictures, because we haven't gotten through a whole game yet. We played some on Saturday while the two little bros were napping and took pictures and wrote down notes of where we left off. We got it out again on Sunday during nap and played some more then documented it and picked it up again. I'm looking forward to getting some more playing time in this weekend! He's kicking my butt by the way.

So, LuLaRoe really nailed it when they came out with their Carly dress this past summer. It's comfy and can be dressed up or down. I own some other t-shirt dresses, and I love them all, but the high-low hem of the Carly adds a little fun and you never know what patterns you'll find! I shared a look back in August that was a fun fall transition outfit, but today's look is full on fall!

Hey all! I'm guest posting over at Shea's blog today. Here is a sneak peek, but head to Shea's blog to see the rest!

Happy Friday! This week was great because...


You guys! Remission! My dad is in remission and he's home. He still will have to go back for treatments to keep things at bay for up to a year, but we're praising God the healer for doing amazing things!

This dress was gifted to me in exchange for my review. The opinions are all my own. See my disclosure.

The color burgundy just has me these days. It's such a rich color, and I think most people just look great in it! I love it paired with so many colors, but leopard (though it's not a color) is probably my favorite. Russ and I don't have a date night planned in the near future, but I think this dress and whole outfit would be great for it! 

We hit up our favorite pumpkin patch this weekend. We always go to The Pumpkin Ranch. We have gone there each year since Henry was two. I have 2013 and 2015 documented on the blog and a picture here from 2014. I'm also going to consider this post my October edition of the Picture Perfect Project since I missed it last week!

Welcome to $10 at Target! Every month some wonderful ladies and I share what we scored for $10 at Target. It's always an adventure and so fun to see what everyone got!

Happy Friday! I realized I missed my post for the Picture Perfect Project this week. I'm feeling out of the loop, so I don't know if I will skip this month or make up for it next week. We'll see! Here are highlights of our week!

Also, I'm being featured again over on The Blended Blog! Go check it out!


On Monday morning, Russ received the Iowa Technology Education Connection Outstanding Educator Award. He received the award at a conference in Des Moines, so I was able to take the morning off for it. So proud of him and all the work he does with his students.

We're experiencing a lot of the last firsts with Calvin being our last baby. Last first steps. Last first words. Last week we experienced our last first hair cut. Honestly, with the other two, their first hair cuts were a hack job by mom at home, and really it looked terrible. When Shear Madness offered to let us try out their salon in exchange for a review, I knew that it was a chance to do a last first right.

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I love blog exchange, so I was excited when some great blog friends announced a mug exchange

Making some sort of Tooth Fairy tooth holder was something I've done for a few other people, but I'd put off making for Henry. He's six, and a tooth could be lost any day. This week, he actually has to have a tooth pulled. It will be his first lost tooth, so that kicked me into gear to make something for him. I wanted to make something that you could duplicate, so I hand sewed it instead of using a sewing machine since I know not everyone has a sewing machine.

This week was busy but good! I had something going on pretty much every night! I'm so ready for Friday and the weekend. Here are highlights of our week!


Calvin got his first hair cut last Saturday at Shear Madness in West Des Moines!  I can't wait to tell you more about our experience this week!

I hate to make large claims, but one piece I that can be a huge addition to your closet is a utility vest. You can wear it in all seasons and it just adds a little bit to an outfit. Today some blogger friends and I are coming together to show you ways we style ours! Make sure you stop by and check out Whitney, Beth, and Meghan's looks!

Happy Wednesday! The How I Style It crew is here today with some Disney inspiration for ya! Remember a while back, I shared a fun Little Mermaid inspired look? When I looked up Disney princesses, Belle from Beauty and the Beast popped out to me. I decided to go with a fall spin on Belle's yellow dress and pulled out my mustard LuLaRoe Amelia dress!

Every month I share a recap of the month in numbers and how I've been doing with the goals I set for the month. If I could sum up this month it would be lacking sleep and failed goals. That makes it sound like this month was terrible. It wasn't a total bust, but I have lots of room for improvement!

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