bybmg: Wesley's Simple Elmo Birthday Party And Tuesday Talk Link Up

Wesley's Simple Elmo Birthday Party And Tuesday Talk Link Up

When planning Wesley's 2nd birthday, I debated between two themes, Mickey and Elmo. He loves both characters, but Elmo won out. I found a cute customize-able invitation on Etsy and ordered it up.  

So far, I've made the boys' cake/cupcakes for each birthday.  Sometimes it's been simple, other times more complicated. I was feeling simple this time around, so I found some cute Elmo cupcake toppers on Amazon and then dipped the other cupcakes in multi-colored sprinkles.  I pondered doing the whole red frosting and Oreo cookie Elmo, but if you've ever made homemade frosting before, you know that getting frosting truly red is no easy feat. I used this recipe for the cupcakes along with Wilton's traditional butter cream frosting.  I possibly ate half the cupcakes myself. Sorry. Not Sorry.

Yep, you can KIND OF see Elmo in the fruit. ;) The rest of the menu was grilled burgers and hot dogs, veggies and dip, Goldfish crackers, and popcorn (because Wesley loves Goldfish and popcorn!).

Dollar Tree, bless that place! Three adorable balloons for $3!

I seriously tried to just keep it really simple. Red and white plates and plastic ware were found at Wal-Mart. We handed out Play Doh as favors, because what kid doesn't love that?

It was the perfect day for the party.  Most of the kids ate out on the deck.

Wesley loved the cupcake, but more so the frosting, like usual.

His t-shirt for the day was from Old Navy.  He was excited to wear it and will be for a while!

All in all, a super simple party made awesome with wonderful friends and family in attendance!

Now, the link up! 

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