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Oh Henry First Birthday


I thought it would be fun to do a little throwback to Henry's first birthday since it happened before I blogged in this space. When we were picking out names, Henry was the boy name that just stuck.  It's classic. We love it, and hey, it even has a candy bar to go along with it!

Russ's Aunt Karen had given us an Oh Henry wall hanging after he was born. I adore it and it still hangs in his room. I lucked out and found birthday hats that were red and yellow!

The cupcakes were made by me, but I will admit that this is before I'd ever taking a cake decorating class and knew about gel food coloring. Liquid food coloring just can't give you the bold colors you need sometimes. Sometime I'll share about Henry's second birthday, and you'll see what a difference taking a cake decorating class made on my skills.

The one thing I am happy about is that I tried my first go at homemade cake, and it turned out fantastic.

I had a friend at the time whose husband worked at Nestle, so he was able to special order us Oh Henry bar since you don't typically find them in the store.

I was also able to find the Oh Henry logo. I cut off the Henry part, so everyone could label their cups OH _________ (whatever their name is).

I also ordered a tee from Etsy in the Oh Henry colors. It was just perfect. All in all it was a simple day. I always look back on it and smile. Little touches made it all come together with very little stress so we could truly focus on our little man!

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