bybmg: Henry's Lego Birthday and Link Up

Henry's Lego Birthday and Link Up

Legos, legos, legos.  That's what it's all about at our house right now, so when it came to planning Henry's birthday, I knew a theme he'd agree upon.  I wanted to make things pretty simple, and I think I was successful.  We served pizza, chips, a veggie tray, and Izze for drinks.  Here are the rest of the little touches!


Thank you, Pinterest. I was able to find this cute little invite and redo it on a photo editor on my phone. I sent the 4x6 prints to Walgreens to print at their one our photo and snagged some envelopes from buying a package of very discounted Christmas cards.  


I usually try to do some sort of little take home favor just for fun.  I almost ordered those candy Lego bricks, but then I found fun molds on Amazon, so Henry and I made white chocolate Lego mini figures and Lego bricks for people to take home as a treat. Not the easiest task, but he and I had a good time making them.


Again, thank you Pinterest, I found the idea to make a cake to look like Lego bricks with just a normal cake and marshmallows for the brick bumps.   So easy compared to the 4 hours I spent frosting Henry's second birthday cake. 

I also did just a 9 x 13 cake with quick little Lego cake topper I made that morning. Henry picked out his favorite mini figure to put on top.


I went with simple primary colored plates, napkins, and plastic ware. Then, I got yellow cups, and Henry helped me draw eyes on them to look like the Lego guys' heads.  We thought it would be fun to let guests add their own mouths, so we left out a sharpie for them to do so. We also got some yellow balloons and drew faces on them once they were blown up.

All in all it was a great party! Some family, some friends, and some time to just hang out!

Now, for the first Tuesday Talk Link Up!  If you're a blogger, I hope you will join us!  Your post can be on any topic! If you're a reader, I hope you will check out the great posts!  

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