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I didn't get a single normal outfit shot this week. So, you get an unsual post this week of my feet and one with the kiddos.

Shoes - Aldo
White Skinnies - NY & Co
Top - Merona 
Cardigan - Old Navy

Bracelet - Lisa Leonard Designs (this bracelet is my FAVORITE!)

Me and the boys - yep, Wes is bawling. He was DONE!

Sweater - Merona (I think? It's old.)
Scarf - Old Navy (sewn into an infinity scarf by me)
Jeans - Old Navy
Boots - Payless

Shoes - Old Navy
Coral Polka-Dot Skinnies - Gap
Top - Merona
Cardigan - Old Navy

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We dug in to carving the pumpkins this week. I still have ambitions to do something fun with the white one, so it won't be carved.


I still haven't bought one of those sweet little pumpkin carving kits, so we hacked away at the pumpkins with a steak knife. It worked.

Henry requested a ghost.

He also requested diamond eyes on this guy. He drew 2/3 of the teeth.


Saturday we went for a tractor/trailer/hayride with my family. It was a beautiful day.

These boys are a hoot!

We stopped in the field and found quite a bit of corn that didn't make it into the combine.


Sunday my parents came to take care of the boys while we had a membership class at church. Then, our church had Trunk or Treat, so they came with us to that.

When we got home, it was a great opportunity and lighting for pictures.

I love these boys!

We tried to get Wes to look at us. The neighbors probably thought we were calling a dog with all the "Wesley! Look here!!" we were saying, but none of it worked. He was too enamored by the grass.

My friend, Kristen, made Henry a web to sling. To say he liked it is an understatement.

Then, we tried to take a few pics of me with the boys. Wes was hungry. Henry was a champ. And, this is real life. :)

This outfit just screams fall! (and the baby is darn cute, too!)

Cardigan - Forever 21
Navy Top - Gap
Scarf - Old Navy (sewn into an infinity scarf by me)
Skirt - Old Navy
Belt - Target
Tights - Gap
Boots - Steve Madden (hand me down from a friend)

What I wore to the pumpkin patch under my coat.

Sweatshirt - Old Navy
Scarf - Forever 21
Jeans - Old Navy
Boots - old 

Top - old
Cardigan - Old Navy
Jeans - thrifted

Shoes - Birkenstocks - very old, like 8 years+

Very terrible picture. I'm sorry. This is what I wore to Henry's preschool open house.

Top - Merona
Cardigan - Gap
Jeans - thrifted
Scarf - old (see the secret below)

So, this is a "normal" scarf. I've done the whole tie it in a knot behind the neck before, but with some scarves, the knot is too bulky. So, I tried this, and it worked! two hair ties - put them both on one end. Slip the other end of the scarf through. 

Tada! infinity scarf.

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Last year was the first year we took Henry to a pumpkin patch. There are quite a few around here, but I found a Groupon for one, so I figured...why not? We ventured off to The Pumpkin Ranch, and Henry had a blast, so this year, when the Groupon came up for it again, there was no doubt that's where we were going.

Last year, they had a bounce house, and it was there again this year. Henry always enjoys jumping!

I believe the slide is new this year. Henry went down it VERY fast!

More jumping on the trampoline!

I was nervous about Henry trying their zip line. He is only 3 1/2, but he LOVED it and did so well!

Grrr! Determination!

Look at that perfect sky!

Of course, the pumpkins! We didn't actually ride out to the patch this year to pick pumpkins, but we got some that they'd already picked.  Henry was just too into the fun to go away from playing.

I love to see how this boy is growing!

I think the hat he was wearing last year added some height. He's wearing the same coat, but you can definitely see he's grown. Baby face last year and little boy this year.

It was a bit too chilly to get Wesley out of the carrier much, but it will be fun to have him stand there next year.

Oh, Iowa corn!

Our little family!

Grandma (Russ's mom) came with, too! Henry chose all the pumpkins except the white one (my pick). For some reason I just love a white pumpkin!

We stopped at a CUTE little cafe in Winterset on the way home. We will for sure be going back there!

still being [molly]
Happy Wednesday! Remember when I used to take a photo of my outfit every day? Me either. :) Two outfits for you this week!


Yep, I'm a teacher. Stylin' by the lockers.

Dress: Merona
Cardigan: Gap
Belt: Forever 21
Leggings: Forever 21
Boots: Payless

I love the details on this dress.
Necklace: Etsy

I forget where I got this watch, but it's fun!

Friday is jeans day at school. Our school colors are purple and gold.

Top: Old Navy
Scarf: gift from the hubbuy
Jeans: Thrifted - Maurices

Shoes: Toms 
(I have a hole in the toe. I was going to recover them, but I was able to fix it from the inside. So glad I can wear these to school again.)

Earrings: Forever 21 

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday

So, I have a Pinterest Board devoted completely to pumpkin things. I. Love. Pumpkin. And this is the best time of year for it, though I have been known to whip up a batch of pumpkin muffins in the heat of summer.

Last week I made two different pumpkin recipes.

These, pumpkin scones...though they don't look very pretty (Russ said they look like fried chicken covered in gravy, and I agree), they taste wonderful, were very easy, and I'm definitely making them again soon. 

I also made this pumkin frozen yogurt. It was pretty good. Not awesome, but a fun treat.

This past weekend our fire department had their biannual pancake breakfast. Henry just enjoys it so much.  

Wesley slept through some of it. :)

Russ's buddy, Luke, was in town visiting, so he got to experience the joys of the event.

Henry got to use a fire extinguisher. 

I hit up the dentist on Monday. She loves to support my business, so she asks that I bring goodies for her and the girls in her office to buy. I made up a basket and will pick up what didn't sell next week when I have to go get a filling. Boo on the filling, but yay for some possible business!

Wesley is learning to sit up unsupported. He's 6 months old! We dug this fun toy out of the garage a week ago, and he's been loving it. 

What have you been up to lately?

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