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Well, Wesley turns 12 weeks on Sunday, so I guess this is my last Fouth Trimester post. :) I'm still not fitting into all my pre-pregnancy pants, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually!


We had my family over for the day. I grilled (go me!). 
Top - Old Navy
Skirt - Old Navy
Flip Flips - Sanuk


Tanks - Old Navy
Skirt - Old Navy
Necklace - Pretty Promenade 

Sunday Morning - off to church!

Dress - Old Navy (nursing friendly! yay!)
Necklace - gift
Braid Bracelet - DIY by me!
Chain Bracelet - Etsy (I don't remember where from)
Sandals - Famous Footwear

Sunday Afternoon - Off to an ice cream social at the local Methodist church

Tank - Old Navy
Belt - Forever 21
Skirt - H&M
Sandals - Zulily

Tuesday - Looking at this outfit in the picture, it doesn't look very flattering... I may not put these two together again.

Top - Thrifted - Gap
Shorts - Thrifted - Sonoma
Shoes - Toms

Necklace - Lia Sophia - My friend had a party and I thought this was super cute. I booked a party for November. Yay jewelry!

It's been hot around here the past couple days. I saved this idea to my Summer Checklist Pinterest board just for a day like today. (It's now moved to my Tutorials and Ideas I've Used board.)

I got a new job, so I've been cleaning out my classroom in preparation for the move. I found some fun little caterpillar and spider toys as I was cleaning. I knew they would be perfect for this idea. I gathered a few other random toys from around the house. I threw them in a plastic shoe box and put it in the freezer (which needs defrosted desperately, I know!) One key was that some of the toys float and some sink, so they weren't all on one side of the ice chunk.

The next afternoon, after nap time, I told Henry I had a fun outside surprise for him.

We gathered a couple tools, though the hammer proved to be the most used.

It looked a wee bit dangerous, so we got out some goggles. 

The excitement really started when the first toy, a plastic spider, came out.

Here's a short video of the boy in action.

The goggles didn't last long, but that's ok.

This boy was entertained for almost 45 minutes.

He even learned a few things like he could throw ice chunks to get it to break instead of using the hammer. He talked about the colors of the toys he was finding. Another wonderful thing I can say is that no one was harmed during this activity. Henry never hit himself with the hammer!

All-in-all it was a great idea. It was so easy to do and he had a blast. I'm sure we could do it again later this summer with some other random toys, and he would think it was awesome.

Russ's mom calls my boys her sunshine. She often sends cards with sunshines on them and gave Henry sunflower seeds to plant in our garden. For part of her birthday gift, I had Henry help with a project. 

I didn't document this project well, but here are a couple pictures!

I had a plain frame from Michaels. I used my Cricut to cut out "my sunshine" in vinyl. I put the phrase on the frame, and gave Henry yellow and red acrylic paint.  He painted on it for a while.

I let it dry, then peeled off the letters. The bare wood was left underneath.

I put a photo of my sweet boys inside, and it was ready! Happy Birthday, Grandma!

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We had my family (my parents, brothers, sisters-in-law, niece, and nephews) over today. The guys golfed, and the girls stayed around here with the kiddos. It was a super fun day, and I pulled out an old recipe I had forgotten about but love.

Strawberry. Summer. Cake.

It's a recipe from smitten kitchen. It's seriously so. good. so. easy. All the ingredients, besides the strawberries, are things you'd normally have around.

Also, I found a fun little Pinterest t-shirt idea, so we made them for all the kiddos, with their help of course.

Because of the guys being out golfing, it was my responsibility to get the grill going. This isn't just a "turn on the gas" grill. I had to get the charcoal going for our beautiful green Weber! To say I felt accomplished is an understatement.

It couldn't have been more perfect weather! We got out the bubble machine, squirt guns and the sprinkler.

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

pleated poppy

Thursday- off to a playdate 

Tanks - Old Navy
Skirt - H & M (It has pockets!!)
Flip Flops- Sanuk (The sole is made from the same material as a yoga mat!)

Necklace - Gift from the hubby

Friday - Lia Sophia party

Crop pants - Target
Necklace - Kohls
Flip Flops - Sanuks (different pair, still yoga mat!)
Top - Forever 21, but I took it in a bit (see below)

This is the before. It's kind of hard to see, but the top is really baggy. I got it when I was pregnant, thinking I could wear it, but it was just a tent.

I never even took the tag off. It was a sale rack find. It has some really nice crochet-like detail around the neck, which caught my eye. I put the top on inside out and pinned how I wanted it to fit me at the hip. I then just sewed it up at a slight diagonal until I hit close to the arm pit. I think I will wear it a lot now. 

Dress: Target (It's Merona from a while ago, but it's wonderfully nursing friendly!)
Scarf - Pick Your Plum
Bracelet - Groop Dealz
Shoes - Old Navy 

 Monday - to the zoo

Tank - Hello Merch - benefits Oklahoma Red Cross
Shorts - Gap
Shoes - Toms

My left wrist

Almost two years ago, I got a tattoo. To people who knew me growing up, or even many who know me now, this was a bit of a shock. I'm not the typical tattoo girl, and I got it in a very visible place.  It wasn't a spur of the moment thing. I'd been thinking about it for almost a year.

I saw trees painted like this a few years ago, and I started to paint some myself. We have a collection above our bed.

I drew the design for the tattoo myself and took it to Skin Kitchen (what a fun name for a tattoo parlor!) with my friend, Jamie. Really, the pain wasn't as bad as I'd thought. It was the sunburn like pain after that was worse than the actual inking.

Russ had a necklace made for me to match my tattoo. He's so thoughtful!

I wanted the tree to mean something. So, each circle has a specific meaning. The three big ones on the bottom are my foundation, my faith. They represent the Trinity: blue - God the Father, red - God the Son, and yellow - God the Holy Spirit. The smaller on the top are my family: pink - me, orange - Russ, and green - Henry. Because of price, pain, etc., I don't plan to add any more kiddos (Wesley and future), until we're sure our family is complete.

It's fun explaining it to people when they ask, and I'm happy with it still two years later. I'm glad it's in a place where I see it often - a great reminder of why I'm here.
Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

Wednesday - Off to an evening of music and beverages at the zoo

Cardigan - Old Navy
Tank - Old Navy/Ann Taylor
Mint Skinnies - Super sale at Gap! $13 yay! I'm in love with them!
Scarf - Pick Your Plum
Sandals - Zulily

Thursday - Off to the zoo with the family

Sunnies - old
Top - Gap
Shorts - Old Navy
Shoes - Thrifted Merrel Vibrams

Friday - I admit I was in sweats most of the day, but we decided to hit up the Olive Garden for supper, so I changed.

Scarf - Gap
Maxi Dress - Old Navy
Sandals - Zulily

Sunday - Church

Top - Forever 21
Bracelet - Groop Dealz
Crops - Gap (old)
Wedges - JCP (old) 
Necklace - gift from the hubby (see below)

I'm soooo excited! I got Wesley's charm for my necklace! Russ got me this for Christmas from Etsy, and the shop owner knew we'd be adding another charm soon. So happy I got it and she even sent new jump rings because mine were tarnishing.

This was a guest post I did last August for Keeping It Simple. Enjoy!


I find myself purchasing many v-neck tees and sometimes I like to spice them up. I found this cute idea for a tie necklace on Pinterest and decided that instead of a necklace, I would attach it permanently to the shirt. I knew going into this that this shirt would be a forever hand wash item because of the delicacy of the tie, but it was worth it.  I made a shirt for myself, but didn't document the process well, so this time around to make one for my friend, Jamie.

First, I went to Goodwill and found a tie that coordinates with the shirt Jamie gave me.

Next, I started pleating and pinning the tie. I didn't measure or use math, I just did what looked good. 

I continued to do this until the pleating reached the shoulder seam of my shirt.
  I left enough tie to extend flat along the back of the neckline and then started pleating again in the opposite direction I was before so the folds pointed up toward the shoulder from both sides of the collar.
Once I got to the end, I had to do a little readjusting to make the tie end up where I wanted to. Like I said, I didn't use math or measure, so I just did a little unpinning and repinning until it looked how I wanted it to. I pinned the pleated tie to the collar of the shirt, leaving the wide end of the tie unpinned so I could overlap at the end.
 I began sewing the tie from the end working to keep the stitch centered.
I sewed around the back of the shirt and stopped when I hit the second shoulder seam where I would be going back down the front of the shirt. 
 I look it off the machine and pinned the end of the tie down.

Then I began sewing again. This part requires a little patience to make sure the pleats go under the presser foot on your machine and don't bunch up. I had to do a bit of holding them firm and lifting the presser foot to make sure they would go under neatly. 

 I sewed to the end making sure it overlapped, then I was done!
The whole project took me about 30 minutes.

Here's Jamie in her CUTE shirt!

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