bybmg: February 2013
I've been slowly adding a few new things to the shop over the past month. It's fun to let my creative juices flow and see what I can come up with (or what Pinterest can inspire me to do).

If you're looking for a little gift for Easter (only a month away, you know!), I have some bunny rabbit treat bags. They're cute, affordable, and great for the little one. You can stuff them with just about anything! Polka dot ones are GONE, but there's still fun solids to choose from!

I have a new Toms Clutch design. It's a great little thing for spring/summer! It can hold your phone and any other small goodies you need.

Also, I have a new Toms Pouch design. Kind of boxy, kind of fun. I'd love to hear what uses you could find for it.

I still have a few pairs of Toms Mittens. Winter's not over yet!!

Also, this lacy pouch would be a great St. Paddy's Day gift!

I have a few extra Toms flags right now, too, so if you have a special request like a design with a specific zipper color, please contact me, and I can make it happen for you!

I'm always up for Valentines that don't include candy. Last year I went hand made and created little finger puppets from felt for Henry's friends at daycare.

This year, I procrastinated a little. I wandered around Target on Sunday looking for inspiration. The dollar spot rarely disappoints and had cute little sunglasses. I picked out a pair for each kiddo at daycare and typed up a quick saying to go along. The glasses are in Ziplock baggies, then I folded over some yellow paper and stapled on the greeting. Done!

For baby #2, I decided I wanted to switch up the nursery a little bit. I love what I had for Henry, but my style has changed a bit in 3 years, and I love a little DIY, so I will be posting on here a series (as I get the time to do it) of how I'm changing the nursery.

With Henry, my love of giraffes took over the nursery. I got a few pieces from the Carters Tall Tales bedding set.
(photo from Amazon - not my nursery) 

I got the lamp, a sheet, a wall art piece, and a blanket. I put in some other fabrics I had and browns to make it mix.

This time around, I still like the white and brown, but I want to add in some modern spin. I'm taking the rocker currently in our nursery and moving it to Henry's big boy room, so he'll have a piece of consistency. My mom had this wonderful old glider at their house, and offered it to me to use. As you can see, it's a little dated, but still wonderfully functional.

I ordered this zig-zag/chevron/whatever you want to call it fabric from I like it because it's a decorator weight fabric, so it will wear well on a chair.

I didn't have a pattern, and I don't really use patterns much (hence my Etsy store motto: Made with love, not a pattern). I laid down the cushion between the fabrics with right sides facing the cushion.

Then, I pinned around the cushion closely.

I had to have my husband's help getting the cushion out of the pinned fabric because it was a tight squeeze. I sewed around following the pins. I left the end toward the back of the rocker open on the seat cushion and the end toward the bottom open on the back cushion.

Then, I stuffed the cushions back in. I had to make a minor adjustment to one of the curves on the back cushion to match the other, but otherwise, it was a quick project. I still plan to put in a zipper, buttons, or ties to close the open ends and add ties to attach the back cushion to the chair, but making the fabric fit the cushion was probably the most difficult job.

Here's how it turned out!

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