bybmg: Birthday Bunting Tutorial

Birthday Bunting Tutorial


I bought the "one." onsie from Old Navy as one of the first steps in preparing for Wesley's first birthday. I knew I wanted to use the colors as the central palate for his party. I'm not a huge decoration-type party person, but I do enjoy some small touches, so I decided to make a bunting.


Crazy enough, I had fleece left over from another project that was just the right colors!

I cut out triangles using a piece of paper as a pattern for consitency sake. 

Then I cut out letters in felt: wesley is one. I cut out all the round shapes together - I cut a small oval/circle and used it as a pattern for the o, e, and s to keep the sizes consistent.

Then, I pinned the felt letters to the triangles,

sewed the on with my machine,

and sewed them together in a long line.

We hung the bunting in the kitchen for the party.  I love how it turned out. I think I'll trim off the Wesley part and hang it in his room, or maybe just keep the whole thing for a while.

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