bybmg: Recent Amazon Purchases: Summer 2020

Recent Amazon Purchases: Summer 2020


Hey all! I know it's been a long while, but I have a to-do list of some posts I want to get on here. Today's the first one, and I'm sharing some of my recent Amazon purchases. And when I say recent, I really mean since June. Surprisingly I haven't bought a TON of things on Amazon, but definitely enough to share in a blog post! This post contains commissioned links.

1. Umbrellas: Since the boys are walking to school, we needed to stock up on some umbrellas. These were pretty cost effective ( I think about $8 each when I bought them), so I snagged a few. 

2. Dutch Oven: Crazy enough, we didn't have one of these after all these years. We have had some recipes lately from our meal subscription that require transitioning from the stove to oven, so this has been perfect.

3. Fedora: I'm starting to dig into wearing hats more, so this one was on lightening deal on Amazon one day. I think it goes on sale frequently, so keep an eye on it!

4. Sweatshirt: This cozy sweatshirt was a whim purchase. I sized up so I could wear it with leggings.

5. ACV Gummies: I started taking these this summer. Apple Cider Vinegar has a lot of health benefits and these taste pretty good!

6. Fall Top: I wanted a cute, new fall top. I ordered this in a couple sizes and colors. This is the color I kept and I love it.

7. Lace V Neck Top: This was another treat yourself purchase. I love the lace neck and it looks cute alone or layered with a blazer or cardigan

8. Paper Dot Garland: I bought this before school started to decorate my classroom. It just adds some cheer!

9. Kitchen Shears: We needed a new pair. I love that these come all the way apart so they are easy to wash.

10. Ankle Boots: These boots had a time when they were on sale for under $50. I don't have any like this, so I ordered them. If you snag them I recommend sizing up a half to a full size.

11. Silicone Shoe Laces: I bought these to use for laces on my white sneakers so I can slip them on and off. They work well.

12. Clothing Steamer: We have had a steamer for a few years, and the one we had stopped working. I hadd to replace it!

13. Cup Holder: I bought this for my moped and it works really well. It would also be great for a stroller or bike!

14. Garden Hose: This is one of those lovely adult purchases. Ours was super old and leaking, so I found this one. It seemed to be a great price and also had a discount on top of it.

15. Hanger: Let's be honest, I have a lot of clothes! This hanger saved some space in my closet with some of my tank tops.

16. Layered Necklace: I have a dainty necklace I love, but it is also special to me, so I didn't want to lose it when I traveled. I found this set for a great price and it's three necklaces in one, so if one breaks, no big deal, I have a couple back ups!

Well, that's a wrap! Have you purchased anything fun from Amazon lately?

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