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TGIF! This week has been a busy one though I can't quite put my thumb on why! Here are some highlights!


Russ's parents moved this past weekend. Now they're 7 miles away instead of 4 HOURS away! Their poor elderly cat just LOVES the boys. He totally tolerated being carried up the stairs and around their town home many times just like this by Wesley.

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My LuLaRoe Amelia dresses are my favorites. The fit of them just works for me and I always feel great in them. Often times, though, I wear them to work all dressed up and I neglect them for more casual wear. Today I want to show you a dressed up and dressed down look with this dress (how many times can I say dress?!). 

I'm thrilled to be co-hosting the Thursday Fashion Files link up today with Carrie and Jill

I'm also highlighting a few items from No Nonsense today. If you missed my last post working with them, you can check it out here.
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Dress: LuLaRoe
Flats: Express via Poshmark
Necklace: Our World Boutique
Tights: c/o No Nonsense
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You may have noticed I have quite a shoe collection. Shoes. They always fit (unless your feet grow with pregnancy, which mine didn't). They jazz up an outfit pretty quick! So, I thought I would start a series about my shoes. Why not? We share most everything in the blogosphere. Today, I'm starting with my pointy flats. Yes, I can do a whole round up of my pointy flats. Plain flats, that'll be another day.

Honestly, when pointy flats started coming back into style, I wasn't sure. My feet are on the large side of the shoe range at a size 10. But, I gave in to the trend, and I really love them now.

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We have some road trips planned for this summer. Being in the car for multiple hours with our kids can be an adventure to say the least. Throughout my years of parenting so far, I've learned some great tips to make road trips easier.
It's Friday! Just 5 more weeks left of school (yes, I'm counting), and Friday will just be another day of the week, but for now, we celebrate each week's passing!


We had some amazingly beautiful weather this weekend! We tested out the two little boys in the Burley for a couple short rides, and it went really well. We look forward to longer rides this summer. 

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I finally took the plunge and bought a utility vest! I know I am so late to the game, but I'm so excited to style it for spring. I've been rounding up ideas of how to style it on Pinterest, and I have so many ideas. It's kind of silly to want to buy new clothes to go with new clothes, but I have a small list of items I want to add to my closet this spring to make some fun outfits with this new vest while incorporating things I already have. I also found a new way to get some extra saving on clothes and more with Groupon Coupons.
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I think our cold weather is GONE! Minus some rain this week, the weather is looking up! Here's what I've been wearing! If you want to see some daily inspiration, I post my outfit each day on Instagram along with other life happenings.


Tee: Old Navy
Necklace: Our World Boutique
Sandals: Birkenstocks
Skirt: LuLaRoe

Today I'm linking up with Momfessionals Show and Tell Tuesday for a day in the life. The day I documented was Wednesday, April 13, 2016.
Welcome to another month of $10 at Target. I hear we may have some newbies joining us this month, and I'm so glad you are here! This is such a fun little link up that all started because I broke up with a subscription service and decided to take my $10 to a little happy place with the red bulls eye. Each month I take a little solo mommy vacation to Target and splurge on some items for me.

So, typically I take you through my journey of Target and what I didn't buy, but for some silly reason this month, I only captured one item I didn't buy! The dollar spot got me right as I walked in and I didn't turn back!

This canvas was so cute, but I wasn't really sure where I'd put it, and it doesn't really go with the colors of our house.

So, what did I get?
Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week, and if you didn't, well, cheers to the weekend! Here are some happenings from this past week!


My brothers and their wives came over from Eastern Iowa Saturday night. We got a sitter for our kiddos and headed out on the town. It was so fun! We started at a nice Mexican restaurant in Des Moines called Malo. Next, we went to a barcade called Up Down where we had a skee ball competition and played some fun retro games. Last, we went to Zombie Burger Drink Lab where we got some delicious shakes. It was a great night!

I'm joining in with some fabulous ladies to be a part of the Picture Perfect Project. Each month I'll be sharing a few photos I've taken with our Canon EOS Rebel T3i. I decided with this challenge to focus on documenting of each of our boys in their element. It might look messy, but I just want these photos to capture the every day life we have. I don't really plan to edit the photos in any way except for possibly cropping them a little.

This month, the weather is starting to warm up. The grass is greening up. We all seem to be in a bit lighter moods. I captured these pictures on Sunday afternoon. Russ was mowing and the big boys were playing outside.


Henry was having a blast kicking a ball around the back yard. His focus was apparent with his tongue coming out. I want to remember that he was very aware that I was snapping away and had some Minecraft stories to tell me as we went.


Wesley was pretty much too busy with his water beads to give me much attention. He was rockin' his pajamas because he'd changed out of his church clothes into PJs for nap. Looking down on me from the deck, he pretended to blow bubbles as I snapped pictures of Henry.


This kiddo is a busy body. He was digging in the cabinet in the kitchen with all the plastic dishes; it keeps him very busy. He is on the move and was watching his brothers through the screen on the sliding doors. He knows how to turn on his smile and squeal for sure.

Bonus of Russ mowing! :)

And, Russ took a picture of Calvin and me. I wore him while I snapped pictures of the big boys.

What do you think?

Our Pretty Little Girls
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We had a little cold streak last week, but this week has been better. I packed away my heavier sweaters and vests. I'm telling the cold weather goodbye! No coming back, now!  Here's what I've been wearing this past week. This seemed to be a week of fun flats!


Jean Jacket: Old Navy
Booties: Toms via Zulily
Necklace: Our World Boutique
Tights: Target
Dress: LuLaRoe via Poshmark

Our weather has been a little unpredictable, so sorry for the indoor pics again. Today I wearing a fun graphic tee. My blogger friend, Tif at Bright on a Budget collaborated with Kentucky Brewed Tees to make an awesome graphic tee perfect for your blogger self! 
The tee simply says Blogged.

I love graphic tees and how they can be worn in a variety of ways. I decided to jazz it up a little bit and add a fun and kind of wild LuLaRoe skirt and bright yellow Converse! I added in my polka dot bag because pattern mixing is always fun! This is an outfit I would totally wear all the time this summer out and about with my boys. It's casual yet fun. 

Russ and I had an at home date night last month. I wanted to be creative and think of something we wouldn't typically do. Making s'mores somehow came to mind.

Happy Friday! I'm so thrilled to share highlights of my week with you!


We celebrated Wesley's third birthday this week! We had a party this past weekend with family and friends. He LOVED it! You can check out all the details here.

Here's a little round up collage of him at his birth and each year. He was so tiny (5 lbs 10 oz) when he was born!

Each month this year, I'm sharing my goals along with a recap of how the previous month's goals. went. Setting monthly goals helps me stay on track and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Posting them here holds me a little more accountable.

March was a great month, and I feel like I did really well with my goals.  

People often make the comments about baby boy clothing:
"Girl clothing is just so much cuter."
"Boy clothing is so boring."

It doesn't have to be that way!

I'm over at Whitney's blog today sharing how you can make a cute capsule wardrobe for your baby boy!

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The weather around here lately has been unpredictable. One day it's sunny and 70*, the next day it's 40* and raining. I'm really ready for it to level out. On the weekends, I want to be cozy yet add a little fun to my outfits. This outfit is just perfect for errands and navigating the puddles.

Each month I share a little recap of the previous month with some random facts and numbers. Here we are again, with a recap of March! Enjoy!

We celebrated Wesley's third birthday on Sunday with friends and family. I love a good themed party. Wesley has been in love with Mickey and Minnie for over a year. Last year I went back and forth on Elmo or Mickey, and I ended up picking Elmo, thinking it would be easier. It wasn't. There are TONS more Mickey and Minnie birthday supplies readily available! I was able to get most of my supplies from the Dollar Tree!

This little man LOVED his party!

Happy Friday! I am so excited because this weekend I have my LAST class for my Master's Degree! After I turn in my project this weekend, I will be DONE with my Master's Degree! Yay!


We had a great Easter. I didn't take many pictures, but we did get the boys settled down for a quick family portrait. The big boys loved hunting eggs and attended three different hunts between church, our town, and my family. They had a blast. Calvin just loved playing with eggs. 

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