bybmg: Henry's 3rd Birthday

Henry's 3rd Birthday

Henry has had an obsession with all things Toy Story, especially Buzz Lightyear, for a good 9 months. He watched the movies a lot as we traveled on the road this past summer. He has a Little Buzz, a Medium Buzz, a Shooting Buzz, a Big Buzz, as well as Buzz PJs, a Buzz t-shirt, Buzz wings, a Buzz hat. Yes, I know, I've aided the obsession, but Buzz Lightyear is a superhero who does good things. I'm ok with Henry liking him!

We combined lots of pieces to make this wonderful Halloween costume!
So, when it came to planning Henry's party, the theme was a no-brainer. Although a week before the party he insisted he wanted an Incredibles or animal birthday party. Sorry buddy, no can do! Mommy's already bought things and sent out sweet looking invites!

I searched for cake ideas on Pinterest, but I'm not a fondant girl, so I had to come up with my own idea. I also didn't want to buy a special rocket or Buzz shaped pan. I was afriad to try to cut a cake into a shape...not sure I went with a cupcake cake.

First, I baked the cupcakes (duh). Then I arranged them on the cake board. I glued the bottom of each one to the board with a little dollop of frosting. Next I covered the all of the cupcakes with a good amount of frosting using a decorator bag and a large tip. I smoothed over the frosting with a knife and it resulted in the first picture below. Then I outlined the design with green, added some blue designs and yellow flames put the bottom. Voila! (I use the Wilton buttercream recipe for most all my frosting projects. I like how it tastes, how it holds color, and how it holds up over time.)
I found this wonderful Buzz Lightyear bank at Target to add on.
I have leftover cupcakes, so I decorated them with the blue and green frosting and added yellow stars.
For the menu, we had hotdogs, veggies, chips and dip, and some jello cups that I made. I added sprinkles to the top of the jello for one added color. The cups were a hit with the kids. We also had blue Hawiian Punch and spaceship napkins.

All In all, I was happy with how the party turned out. Nothing too overboard, just some coordinating colors and a little bit of planning. Now I need to start thinking about next year....well maybe not yet :)

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