bybmg: First Birthday Party: W is for Wesley

First Birthday Party: W is for Wesley

Henry's first birthday was centered around Oh Henry candy bars. Since it focused on his name, I wanted Wesley's first birthday to also focus on his name, so I came up with idea to
plan the party around on the letter w.


I ordered a couple w letters from Joann Fabrics. I painted one red and put w dictionary pages on the other with Mod Podge. It was a perfect day, so the kiddo guests had fun blowing some bubbles outside. I also had guests sign a book for him. I hope to read it to him every birthday for as long as he will allow to be read to.

I tried to go simple with decorations - the plates and napkins are from Dollar Tree, party hats from Target, and I attached some balloons onto skewers and place them in mason jars to add some color. 

We served all w foods.

Cheddar whales, watermelon, (gummy) worms, along with wheat thins and white cheese (not pictured) were on the menu.

Water was easy w-word - with some lemonade packets, and I found wild cherry juices at our grocery store, too. 

I made the cakes. It was so easy to make. Here's a tutorial.

I made a little smash cake, too.

I ordered a bunch of Intsagram pictures of Wesley from this year from Social Print Studio and hung them on the cupboards. I also made a bunting that said "Wesley is one."

Read for cake!

Henry blew out the candle.

It took him a minute, but then he DUG in! Nom nom nom!

So much so that the grandmas had to hold him over the sink to clean him up.

Yay presents!

He had an amazing party! 

Thank you, Seth, for capturing a picture of our family!

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