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What a great week!!  We found out last Friday afternoon that the house we put an offer in on is ours!  We did inspections this week and hope to have a closing date nailed down in the next few days.  Exciting stuff! With all the excitement, I've done a little house planning this week mixed in with other events in in our lives.


Henry turns 5 tomorrow!  How can that be?  I'll be back next week with a little summary of his party which is tomorrow.  I've tried to keep everything super simple, but Henry has helped me with a few little touches. He's so excited to help.

Things around her have been a little busy with the house stuff and illness, so I really didn't get time to take outfit shots last week. That's not an apology but more just a statement of fact if you're wondering why I have so few to share!  Back on track this week!  I think I mentioned before that I packed up part of my closet in the house staging process. Well, it's still hanging out in the garage somewhere, but I realize I still have enough to wear. You may just see a few tops more frequently.  It's good for me and challenges my creativity!  Hope you're having a wonderful week!

See Saturday's look here.


Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: Liz Lange Maternity
Skinnies: Old Navy Maternity
Flats: Target
Lessons in Fashion:
a sporadic series where I share little tips with you that help make my wardrobe stretch. 

Today's Lesson: 

Maternity Wardrobe Basics
I had a friend who was changing jobs recently (from scrubs to needing business casual) comment that she just wished she had a wardrobe in a bag that she could buy. It got me thinking about starting over with a wardrobe and the conundrum many women face when they are first pregnant and have to seek out maternity clothes.  It's basically like starting your closet from zero again. Sure, you can make a lot of things stretch, but the way your body changes, that won't get you through.  If you've been around here long, you know I don't like to spend a ton of money on clothes. I've had women ask me where to buy maternity clothes, and I usually end up replying, "Old Navy, Gap (sale rack), or Target."  So, today I wanted to share with you the basics I would buy if I had to start my maternity wardrobe all over again. 

I admit that I enjoy dressing up for work, but I love weekend coziness just as much.  Today I wanted to share how you'll typically find me on a Saturday along with my new, fabulous glasses from Firmoo.

You've seen this Hello Apparel sweatshirt a few times, and you're probably like, enough already, but it's so cozy and I can wear it even with the baby belly.  I stuck a long black tank underneath, and threw on my cozy Gap Maternity legging jeans. 

What a week!  We had an extended weekend because of MLK day, and a little funky schedule because of house stuff and sickness. Lots to be thankful for this week!



Our town had an indoor winter festival last weekend. Inflatables, free stuff, the boys were in heaven. It has been unseasonably warm this week, but it's still nice to have some indoor stuff since it's kind of messy outside with the snow melting. 

This week I'm sharing the last half of #scarfweek!  It was so fun!  Thanks for those of you who played along for a day or the whole week! Check out the hashtag on instagram to see all the great looks. If you want to see my first half of the week, head to last week's post.


Top: LuLaRoe
Cardigan: Old Navy
Leggings: Old Navy Maternity
Boots: Clarks (gift)

I don't know about you, but I hate making multiple trips to and from the car to bring in the groceries.  I also like to balance a lot on the stroller when we head to the mall.  Today I wanted to share a product with you that makes this insanely easy and possibly, The Mommy Hook!

 The Mommy Hook Benefits

  • Perfect for strollers and shopping carts
  • Heavy-duty aluminum
  • Comfortable foam grip
  • Gives you hands-free control

I love getting my Ipsy Glam Bag every month.  Ipsy does offer the option to get a peek at the contents of the bag before it comes by sharing something on Facebook. Sometimes I do, sometimes I just wait and anticipate the surprise.  This month's bag was pretty good!

So, I feel like all I've talked about on here for a little while is getting the house ready to sell and fashion, with a little life and Jamberry sprinkled in there... and my week this week has really consisted of most of that (the house is listed and we've had a couple showings, yay!), so I decided to change up this Friday's post with some forward thinking to when we do move... and what I'll make for the house. I feel like my DIYing is kind of on hold until the house sells, since we're trying to avoid messes and basically make it look like no one lives at our house. Today I'm sharing a few Pinterest pins of what fun decor projects I would like to do for our new house, whenever/wherever that may be!

It has been COLD here, hence my declaration of #scarfweek, which started Sunday! Head on over to Instagram and play along! Just post a photo of you wearing a scarf this week, and use the hashtag!

Top: Liz Lange Maternity from Target
Bracelets: old and Love Andrea's Closet
Pants: Gap Maternity
Boots: Clarks (gift)

Lessons in Fashion:

a sporadic series where I share little tips with you that help make my wardrobe stretch. 

Today's Lesson: 

  Tips for Wearing Ankle Booties

I will admit that when the short boots (aka booties or ankle bootie) trend came around I was not sold.  I was unsure weather I would ever wear them. Now, I feel like they're my go-to shoe, so today I wanted to share some tips on how to style them if you've just jumped on the bootie trend or are in a rut about how to wear yours. These are all outfits I've worn in the past!

{flare jeans}


I feel like most women have a good pair of flare jeans.  They're a great way to wear your booties that you may not see as often as some other ways.  
Last year, my word was Simplify. I reflected on that last week over at Sarah's blog.

Today, I want to share with you my word for 2015, and that is Organize.

I say I'm an organized person. I want to be an organized person. But, I'm not sure I really am an organized person.  I set up great structures, but then I get lazy and they fall apart.  I'm sure I'm more organized than some people, but it is an area of my life that definitely needs some improvement.

What a week, what a week!  I went back to work, we had a good amount of snow, and one day the high was -6!  Iowa winters, I tell ya!  It was a fabulous week, and here are just a few highlights!


I thought a fun way to end our Christmas break would be a trip to Build-A-Bear.  Henry had so much fun making his Spider-Man bear.  Wesley came home with a smaller (and cheaper) puppy that was already made.  I didn't think he'd miss making his own.

How Far Along? 22 1/2 weeks!

Well, break is over, and I'm back to work.  I have to admit getting dressed up is fun!  I did take about 1/3 of the clothes in my closet out to store in tubs so my closet looks bigger (house staging), but I still have plenty to wear! 

Thursday (day)

Necklace: DX Mall
Top: LuLaRoe
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: thrifted Old Navy Maternity
Boots: Clarks (gift)

About six months ago, I had a friend invite me to an online Jamberry Nails party.  I'd seen the catalog floating around my school once, but I hadn't had the chance to try them out, so I wasn't going to risk the money on them.  The consultant for the online party I attended sent me a sample to try, and I was hooked! Last month I took the jump to become a consultant.  Today I want to share about Jamberry Nail Wraps with you and give you the opportunity to try them yourself!

Today I'm over at Sarah's blog sharing about my thoughts on my one word focus for last year, Simplify.  Come back here next week to hear about my word for this year.

I kind of fell off the wagon with the end of the  Christmas Photo Challenge.  I had great intentions, but got caught up in busyness, travel, and I could probably list of more excuses... but anyway!

Week 1 is here and week 2 can be found here.

Today I'm sharing the last photos from the challenge.  I missed a few days, so there are just a couple.

I feel like I've been a little MIA in the social media/blogger world. I didn't take my computer with me when we traveled, and I don't like to comment on blogs or compose posts on my phone.  I tried to play a little catch up on NYE, and hope to jump in with some fun posts in the new year!  Today, you get a recap of a couple weeks of fun around here!



On the 23rd, Henry and I made sugar cookie.  We've done this at some point in the month of December for the past three years, and I love the tradition. I've yet to do homemade ones. I always just break down and buy a tube of the pre-made dough and a tub of frosting. We still have fun. Maybe next year we'll do homemade!
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