bybmg: Quick Tutorial: W Cake

Quick Tutorial: W Cake

Went I went to look for cake ideas to go along with the w theme for Wesley's party, all Pinterest had for me was wedding cakes with w-toppers. So, I had to get creative. This is a super short tutorial, but I figured it needed to be put out there since I couldn't find any!


I made a normal 9x13 cake and put on a layer of frosting to keep the crumbs in. I used this white cake recipe. I've really been pleased with its flavor and how it holds up. For frosting, I use the Wilton recipe I learned in my cake decorating class.

I'd actually frozen some left over cakes from Henry's birthday. Surprisingly, they were still in great shape because I'd wrapped them in foil and then a baggie. I used one to cut the shapes for the w.

I covered the w in white frosting to keep the crumbs in, then covered it in teal frosting. I covered the cake in another layer of white frosting as well. I did a little border, too. Let it be known: I am NOT a professional cake decorator, but I like the challenge of creating something fun for my kiddos' birthdays.  I took the Wilton cake decorating class a few summers ago, and it really helped me.

I love how the w stands up. This could easily be done with any letter, but straight letters are probably easier.  Hope this helps someone out there! I'd love to see your cake creations.

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