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I don't have a long post for you today, just some quick thoughts from pondering about my identity and creativity from grad class this weekend. We had to pick out a few words that spoke to us, then make them into a little phrase. What I came up with is pictured (I make my style visible in a hope to make connections but I want more than that.).

It's the last Monday of the month, which means I'm linking up with Andrea about my Favorite Things!  Each month, there's a new topic (all the topics can be found here).  This month, it's favorite nail polish! Well, I can say that since January, I haven't been wearing nail polish because I've switched to Jamberry

I've already shared in intro post about why I love Jamberry, so I'm not going to repeat that.

Today I wanted to share about Jamberry's different finishes.

It's FRIDAY!  Hallelujah! 


Not necessarily a highlight-highlight, but Wes was sick on Monday, and all he really wanted to do was be held. He slept on my lap about half the day. I have to say that in my pre-baby nesting, it was good for me to have a day with just him before his little brother comes into the world. He hung on to the fever/lethargy/sleeplessness at night for the rest of the week, so Russ stayed home with him the other days because I need to reserve some of my sick leave for maternity leave.

Welcome back for another week of What I Wore Wednesday! This week has been an adventure with our move and finding a place in the new house to take outfit shots. The first pic below was definitely not the right place (poor lighting... ick)! There isn't really any place in the new house I've found yet that is wide-open wall with great light like at the old place, so I ended up in front of my new purple couch, and I think that's where I'll stay for a while. Some instagram friends joked that my location changes were like a mini house tour!  I promise I will give you a more full house tour once we get things up on the walls.


Top: LuLaRoe
Jeans: Gap Maternity
Shoes: Target

I've found that in my busy life, I don't always have time to run to the store to pick things up.  Online scheduled subscriptions have been a life saver!  Diapers delivered each month? Check. Make up to try out for fun each month without browsing the aisle? Check. Healthy snacks delivered  frequently? Check. Cleaners, toothpaste, and soap delivered when I need them? Check.

You've all heard of Amazon Mom, I hope, if not, go there and sign up! If you've been around here for a while, you've heard of Ipsy. Someday I'll tell you about Nature Box (if you want to try it out, I have some free boxes I can give away via email invite). Today I'm going to share about ePantry!

I've admitted more than once that I am not an frequent house cleaner. I don't do deep cleans often, but I do try to make sure the house looks somewhat presentable.  When I blogged about my word of the year, organize, I shared that I would love to have a cleaning schedule, but to be honest, that hasn't happened yet. Between moving, pregnancy exhaustion, and just life, I don't prioritize cleaning. I have though, through ePantry, found some cleaning products I really love, so I wanted to share them with you today in hopes they might help you, too, along with a few other things we get from there.

One thing I was thrilled about this month is that my Ipsy bag arrived before we moved, so I didn't have to wait for the mail to forward it. I wasn't overjoyed with the print of the bag this month, but I'm not much of a blue person. What was inside was pretty good though!
Happy Friday!  We've been on spring break this week, though it hasn't been much of a break moving and unpacking!


We said goodbye to our first home on Monday. It was a bittersweet day. I brought two babies home to that house and have so many memories there. It will be missed, but we are loving our new place.

One outfit. That's all I have for ya today!  With moving, stuff's been nuts!  The outfit I posted about yesterday was from last week, too!  If you missed it, head over and check it out AND enter to win a cute pair of boot socks!  Happy Wednesday!!

Tee: LuLaRoe
Jeans: thrifted Old Navy Maternity
Shoes: Converse

Our World Boutique

Boot socks are a fun way to spice up an outfit without going too crazy.  They also add a little warmth in the transitional weather. Today I'm collaborating with Boutique Socks to share how I styled a pair of their socks. Usually people think of wearing boot socks with skinnies, and when I searched Pinterest for some inspiration, that's mostly what I found, too! Today I wanted to show you a simple outfit I put together and wore to school last week!

A couple weeks ago, I shared with you 4 Ways To Wear a T-Shirt Dress. I lamented that I was stuck in a rut with just wearing my ankle booties with this style of dress, so I switched it up and I love the look! The dress I'm wearing in this outfit is the same style as the t-shirt dress from that post, just a different print and a little longer sleeve. I wore this outfit last Thursday when it was chilly in the morning, but warmed up to 70* in the afternoon. It was perfect. 

(This is actually at 31 weeks.)

(32 weeks gets a bathroom selfies at the doctors office. The place I take my pictures was engulfed in boxes!)

How Far Along? 32 weeks! 

Size of Baby? About the size of an jicama: approximately 16 1/2 inches long, and weighs 3 3/4  pounds (according to

It's Friday the 13th, but no bad luck is going to get me down! It's been a great week here! Hope you had a wonderful week and have a wonderful weekend!


I'm not a runner, but I do enjoy a nice walk and some nice shoes.  Russ got a pair of the shoes on the right, and they are so comfy, so we headed to the Nike Factory store and lucked out finding the pair on the left in my size at an awesome discount (let's say I didn't pay even half of the $120 retail price!).  Can't wait to break them out with our nice weather!
Happy Wednesday!  I'm so excited the weather has been shaping up and it's beginning to feel like spring! Next week is spring break, too! Yay!


Scarf: Forever 21
Top: Target
Pants: Old Navy Maternity
Boots: Clarks (gift)

We are moving in less than a week! Yikes!  I feel sometimes like the whole process has taken forever, yet the end is in sight!  Russ and I moved a few times in the early years of our marriage, but it was always from apartment to apartment until we settled in our current home. In the five years we've lived here, we have had two kids and accumulated so much more stuff! Moving this time around is definitely not a piece of cake, but I have been researching some great moving tips to make it all easier.

Have you ever had some days just slip past? Well, I definitely let my two-year blogging anniversary slip right by! I started this blog two years ago on February 20th. Boy, has it come a long way! I look back at the mirror selfies in our dark bedroom and just kind of wonder what was I thinking? But, I won't delete the posts because they're a part of my history!  My blog layout has come a long way, too. It still has a ways to go, but I wish you could see what it used to look like!

Well, today I thought I would look back on year two and just point you to some of my favorite posts. If you're new around here, some might be ones you haven't read before, or if you've been around for a while, maybe you've just forgotten!  It was so fun looking back!

Another week! It definitely flew right by. Thanks for all the birthday wishes last week! It was a great one!


We hit up the Olive Garden for my birthday last Friday night.  I know, high class, but it's one of my favorite places to go. The boys love it, too.  Wesley was like give me all the bread sticks, and Henry wanted chocolate milk plus the stickers on the kids menu were a hit!
Wednesday again! How can it be? I looked at the weather forecast, and it looks like next week will be in the 50*s!  Yay!  Hopefully I can change up my wardrobe accordingly, though looking through this week's looks, most could be acceptable for 50*s... possibly. :)


Scarf: eBay
Cardigan: Old Navy
Bracelet Lisa Leonard Designs
Dress: LuLaRoe
Boots: Clarks (gift)
(I ended up adding leggings... brrr)

I joked about how if this baby was a boy, I really wouldn't have to spend much money on him since we already have most of the baby gear and all of the clothes he will need.  That is very true to a point, but I have made some purchases for him. I've already shared about what I bought for his nursery. Here's what we've bought otherwise.

Lessons in Fashion:
a sporadic series where I share little tips with you that help make my wardrobe stretch. 

Today's Lesson: 

Four ways to wear a t-shirt dress

I have to say that this dress is one of my favorites.  When I saw it on the LuLaRoe website, I knew it had to be mine! I've worn it four different ways since I got it this fall. It's stretchy, basically a long comfy t-shirt, and it has mustard in it. I LOVE mustard. 
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