bybmg: Goals Recap and January Goals

Goals Recap and January Goals


Having goals to finish out the year was really great. It motivated me to get some things done and focus.

Today I wanted to recap how those went and introduce my January goals.

So, first, a recap of goals I set in October:

1. Exercise three times a week. - This started out successful, but then I got terribly sick and then the holidays happened, so I totally fell off the wagon. Better luck this year!

2. Overhaul my closet. - I cleaned it out and I think it went well. It's a gradual process. I still need to continue weeding and really find out what clothes I truly love and stick to those.

3. Get back into my She Reads Truth app every day. - I did well with this for a while, then fell off the wagon... 

4. Bake a new recipe. - I made these double chocolate chip cookies from Our Pretty Little Girls!

5. Make something. - I made a card wreath.

6. Get a desk. - Yep! You can see pictures here!

7. Read 3 books. - 1) I finished Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.
2) I also read Hoodwinked.You can read my review here.
3) I'm finishing up Breaking Busy right now, so I didn't accomplish this goal, but I'm close!

8. Buy a good pair of flats. -Yep! Got a pair of Merona flats, and though they aren't expensive, they're comfy! I also talked about limiting my spending, but I totally stunk at that!

January Goals

I'm going to give monthly goals a whirl this year! I am putting them in the margin of my monthly calendar. Here are what I'm going after in January:

1. Do the She Reads Truth Genesis study. - I purchased the study on the app!

2. Have a date night in. - I originally hoped to make it a goal to have an actual date night, but with grad class starting up again, I'm just not sure that will happen. So, we're going to try a date night in after the kiddos go to bed.

3. Create something. - I felt very fulfilled after I did some crafty things last month. Hoping to find a small project I can complete!

4. Work out 3x a week. - I gotta get back on the wagon. I love eating, so if I'm going to love eating, I need to work out.

5. Read Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World - I'm on the launch team for this book, so I need to read it!

6. No phone/social media usage during the week from the time the kids are home until bedtime. -
I just need to tone it down a little.

Just six goals this month. Some of them are going to take some major self-discipline, but that's the purpose of goals, right?

What are your goals for the month?

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