bybmg: December in Numbers

December in Numbers


I'm going to be trying a few new things this year on the blog, and one is sharing a fun post on the first Monday of the month. It's all about the previous month in numbers. Some randoms that are just for fun - enjoy! 


the number of bottles of eye drops I purchased this month


the cost of the most expensive and smallest bottle of eye drops

Let's just say this past month will go down as the month my eyes were messed up. The first time I can ever remember having pink eye and it was terrible!


the number of sick days taken

Four for me and one for Wesley.


the number of photos I took on my phone. 

Above are a few of my favorites that didn't make a High Five for Friday post.


the number hours spent in the car driving to visit my family this month


the number of Nerf guns added to our collection

Mine is automatic by the way!


the number of coloring books I got for Christmas. 


the number of pounds I squatted on... December 2. 

Then I got sick and didn't work out the rest of the month. I'm getting back on track this month... as I sit here typing this and eating a bowl of ice cream... oh life. I will get back on track!

So, that was fun, don't you think? 

See you tomorrow for some talk about goals!

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