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New Desk Area


One of my Goals for the Remainder of 2015 was to get a desk. My mom read the blog and texted me soon after offering a beautiful small desk that is a family heirloom. She sent me some pictures, and it turned out to be the perfect, cute little piece that fits exactly where need it. My mom remembers the desk holding the radio in her home growing up, and I'm so excited to now have it in our home as my creative landing space.

Besides its cute little size, the functionality of the drawer of this desk is perfect for me in my current stage of life. It pulls out, but then has a lid that lifts up, so it's easy to keep the little hands out of it.

I have been accumulating some prints and wall hangings in the desire to make a little gallery wall. I pulled two items from that stash and paired them with two wall-baskets I picked up from Pick Your Plum.  It adds a little storage that the small desk lacks. The tree painting is one of my creations that was inspired a long while back from some art I saw. This tree format is also the inspiration for my tattoo. I won the Inspire print on a giveaway; it's housed in a frame we already owned.

I found the basket that fits perfectly atop the desk in the Target Dollar Spot for $3. I was searching around for a holder for a few writing utensils and thought this mug that Russ made for me was a perfect fit.
The desk is just the right size to be a place to charge my laptop, too.

Full disclosure, I don't have a chair at the desk right now. It's more of a landing zone to keep my things. Often times when I work, I spread out on the kitchen table or use my laptop curled up on the couch. The desk is, however, the perfect little spot to keep my stuff all in one place and off of the kitchen counter (Well, that problem isn't 100% solved, partially because of my lack of effort, but I'm working on it!).

Do you have a landing zone all your own? What's it like? What could I add to mine?

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