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Dollar Tree DIY Name Ornament


I always try to add a little personal touch to gifts we give to teachers, whether is making something home made or adding in something that's their favorite color. This year my teacher gifts aren't all that personal, but I wanted to add a little tie on that gave a homemade feel. We have a Dollar Tree that is just minutes from our house, so I find myself going there a lot. I had the craft itch, so I headed there yesterday to see what I could find to make something fun.

I already had the clear plastic ornaments (purchased previously from the store), so when I went to Dollar Tree, filling them was what I had in mind. At first I was thinking something glittery, but the store had no glitter in sight!  Then I came upon the alphabet beads, and I just knew I could do something with them. Adding a little glue and pipe cleaners, this DIY was easy as ever and had a price tag to match.

I sorted through the beads and found the letters for teacher. I used the glue and put some on the pipe cleaner to help the beads stick a little more secure.

Then, I cut the pipe cleaner to about 3 inches longer than the word, stuck it through a small hole at the top of the ornament topper, and wrapped it around to secure it.

I sprinkled some random letters in the bottom of the ornament, then attached the topper, and it was good to go!  

I also though this would be great for last names, or those names you can never find on personalized items. I still have two clear balls left after making two for our boys' teachers, so I may make one for our last name.

What do you think? Pretty easy, huh?

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