bybmg: Camo Embroidered Jacket and My Favorite Jeans

Camo Embroidered Jacket and My Favorite Jeans


After the babies, the weight gain, the body changed, and the weight loss, finding jeans that I love has been a challenge. Today I wanted to share my Ab-solute favorite kind!

I got these jeans free for my review (which made me squeal because they're my fave!) but the opinions are all my own. I may receive a commission (with no extra cost added to you) if you make a purchase from the links in this post. Please see my disclosure for more details.

Jacket: Target (similar, plain camo)
Bag: Kate Spade (similar)
Top: Target
Jeans: c/o Democracy Denim
Booties: Bearpaw (similar)

So, let's start off talking about the jeans, shall we? I walked into one of my favorite local boutiques for a shopping night with some friends and scoped out a pair of jean shorts. I went to find my size and whomp whomp, they didn't have it... or so I thought. They did, however, have a pair the next size down, and I thought, what the heck, I'll give them a try, they look stretchy. You guys, they fit like a GLOVE! Turns out, they were Democracy Denim's Absolution jeans in a shorts version. After that, I was on a mission to find more of them! I scoured the internet with not a ton of luck, but picked up a second hand pair from Poshmark. Then, one day I walked in to Nordstrom Rack and discovered they carry them there! Since then I've picked up pairs in black, burgundy, and I own a couple in denim. 

What makes these jeans so special? They basically hold you together in all the right places! They are stretchy but they hold their shape for multiple wears! If you are looking for a new pair of jeans, I highly suggest them. 

Now on to the rest of the outfit. I picked up this jacket on Target's sale rack. I honestly didn't inspect it very well, and a snap or two is broken, but you can't tell by wearing it. The tee is also from Target and it is so soft. I'm really impressed with their new A New Day label. These colors are basically my jam. I'm so into burgundy and deep pinky-purple lately. So similar to the dress I wore a few weeks ago, but if it works, wear it, right?

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans? What colors are you jam right now?

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