bybmg: High Five for Friday 4.7

High Five for Friday 4.7

Happy Friday! This week was a good one despite lots of rain. The sun came out yesterday and it was just the ticket! P.S. Did you enter the PayPal Cash Giveaway I posted Monday?


Our sweet Wesley is FOUR today! I can't believe it. This kid zoomed into our world and we love him so much. He has so much personality. He is sensitive, humorous, and can break out into song and dance at a moment's notice. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!


Henry had his first outdoor soccer game this weekend. It fell right during nap time, so Russ went and took video and pictures and I stayed home with the nappers. Henry scored the team's only goal and he was such a leader! I can't wait to see him in action!


Our favorite local ice cream shop opened up this past week for the season and of course we had to stop by! They have lots of ice cream options and everyone went home happy!


We're totally four years late on this, but we've been reading the Kid President book before bed, and this week we read about Caine's Arcade. It's such an awesome story and now Henry is obsessed with making cardboard arcade games. Watch out, before you know it our basement will be filled with cardboard!


I'm thrilled to announce that I'm joining the High Five for Friday link up crew!  I've been linking up with this end of the week highlight link up for so long, and I'm excited to be a part of it starting today. Thanks, Tif, Della, and Katie for having me!

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