bybmg: What's in My Bag - 10 on the 10th

What's in My Bag - 10 on the 10th


Erin from Perfectly Port Family has a 10 on the 10th link up and today's prompt is what's in your bag? It's been a while since I shared what's in my bag, but today I thought it would be fun to show you again.

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I've switched purses back and forth a little bit, but this purse is my main purse (similar, similar). Here's the big mass of everything. I apologize that the photos aren't the best quality, but this weekend was so busy that I had to pull this post together in a snap!

The BGM monogrammed notebook is my blog calendar. It's from Minted and I just love the size of it.

Extra gum is a must have. I'm not a gum chewer often, but when I have a bout of bad breath, I need to fix it asap! Also Henry loves gum, so it's a nice treat to have for him.

The red Mani E.R. kit (similar) is so helpful. It's a little manicure kit and I feel like someone's always needing clippers!

The yellow case contains my sunglasses which are Spectacles! More on those in a minute. 

The polka dot rectangle is my wallet (similar). More on a few fun things in there in a minute, too!

The larger pink rectangle is my checkbook. I don't always carry that with me, but on this day I needed it.

The smaller shiny pink rectangle is my LipSense case. Close up on that here in a minute.

Fruit snacks. Keys. Usually you'll find an applesauce pouch in there, too, but I'm out right now. 

The blue and white bag contains a lot of stuff which I won't dump out for you, but feminine supplies, a measuring tape, and emergency sucker, band aids, boogie wipes, glasses cleaning wipes, lotion, and more.

The silver tube is a Flint roller. So handy!

The card/chain is my school ID/scan card/room key on an Origami Owl lanyard.

Last, the Frozen tissues because everybody needs a tissue! Not pictured is the wad of extra tissues I also found in my purse.

So, Spectacles. They're sunglasses that also work as a video camera. Russ got them for me for my birthday! There's a button on top to click to start recording, then the video syncs with the Snapchat app, and I can send it off or download it. The videos record in 10 second pops or if I hit the button again it will add 10 seconds and again another 10 seconds to get up to 30 seconds of video. The case is a battery case that charges the glasses when they're in there and the case can be charged up via a cord.

This is my handy dandy LipSense case. I always have a Glossy Gloss in there plus a couple other colors and another gloss. I usually load it up with the color I'm wearing that day incase I need to do a touch up, but sometimes I run out of time to put it on in the morning, so having the case loaded means I can put on some LipSense when I get to school!.

My wallet has so much stuff in it, but these are some of the highlights: my loyalty card for my brow threading place (which is full, so my next one is FREE), a car wash coupon from our last oil change, loyalty cards from the local ice cream shop, a Panera gift card, a free Chick Fil A kids meal, blog business cards and LipSense business cards!

So, that's a peek in my bag. I always love seeing posts like this. Here's what Erin has going on for the rest of the year! I hope to join in often!

Also linking up with Mom Life Mondays.

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