bybmg: High Five for Friday 3.25

High Five for Friday 3.25

Hooray! We made it to Friday! I hope you had a great week! Here are some highlights of mine!


My friend, Shelby, taught a yoga and essential oils class on Saturday, and I went. It was glorious and pretty much solidified that I need more yoga in my life. It was so relaxing.


Russ and I got back to the gym this week... but I think I strained my back lifting possibly, because I was in a world of hurt the next two days. I may lay off lifting for a little bit and get in some yoga or walking.


It was BEAUTIFUL on Tuesday (before the gross weather rolled in on Wednesday). I picked the boys up from daycare and we went to the park. This park got re-done last year, so it was fun to explore it and burn off some energy!


The two big bros went to the dentist this week. I'm always scared to take a picture there because they have big signs that tell you not to use your phone. Anywho, they did great. It was Wesley's first time. I was nervous because he wasn't acting like he was going to be too cooperative, but the dentist was the master of distraction, and she got him to open right up without a tear or scream! 


I broke out a new coloring book this week. This page was my first from the book, and I LOVE it. It's hanging up in my classroom!

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