bybmg: $10 at Target: Spring Fever

$10 at Target: Spring Fever


I got my monthly vacation to Target with my $10 budget last week over Spring Break. It was just the little hour stroll I needed to start off the week! In typical fashion, I'm going to share what I didn't buy, first!

This cake topper was stinking adorable. I really didn't know where I would use it, though, so it went back on the shelf.

These little clothes pins in the dollar spot were too cute! They definitely give me inspiration for a DIY!

I'm not a huge earrings person, but when I saw these, they just caught my eye. I didn't get them this time, but I think they would be a perfect little summer earring!

This necklace was on sale. While I didn't love the second chain, the ability to switch up what the necklace says seems so fun!

These little clips weren't that great of a deal, but they sure would have been cute to grab to make a little art display for the boys.

I saw these right when I got into the store, and mentally, the little bunny stopper was on the top of my list. I didn't grab it though. Then, somehow when I went back, they were gone. Like the whole box was gone! They must have moved them, but I couldn't find them. So weird! 

In true fashion, I hit up the sale rack. This top was a steal! 

So, I snatched it up! I think it's perfect for spring. Come back tomorrow to see one way I styled it!

And since the bunny stopper was gone, I grabbed the good old stand by, Cadbury Mini Eggs! Yum! These are going in my desk at school, and I *might* get another bag for home.

Just two things again this month, but I'm thrilled with them!

The eggs had a 20% off Cartwheel, so I ended up under budget!

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