bybmg: DIY St. Patrick's Day Frame: Lucky to Be Blessed

DIY St. Patrick's Day Frame: Lucky to Be Blessed


I was searching the good 'ole Pinterest for some inspiration, and I came across a sign that said, "Lucky to Be Blessed." I thought it would make a perfect St. Patrick's Day frame!

I dug through my bin of random craft supplies and found this frame. I snatched up a lot of them a while back when I was making my Instagram frames. I didn't have any bottles of a grass green paint, like I'd pictured using, but then I realized I had this little container of paint from one of the boy's projects. I don't even remember where I got the gold calligraphy pen, but it was perfect for this project.

First thing I did was paint the frame green. The paint was a little watery, but I like the look. I pretty much used the whole little container on this.

I was a little scared to free-hand the lettering, so I sketched out LUCKY on a scrap of paper. I love how it turned out, then I got an idea!

I turned the paper over and colored on it all over with pencil in an effort to make carbon paper.

I taped the paper on the frame with a little washi tape.

Then, I traced over the letters again pressing down hard.

Voila! Can you see it?! It transferred!

Then, I traced over it with the calligraphy pen.

I did get brave and free-hand the bottom part... partially because I wanted the blessed to be script-y. Thank goodness I didn't mess up. I totally could have used the pencil carbon copy method on this, too.

I added a fun picture Russ sent me as a Postagram for Valentine's Day. I sure am blessed!

What do you think?


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