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Closet Clean Out for a Cause

With having three boys, we go through a lot of clothes around here. Henry's growing like a weed. Wesley's getting to the age where Henry wore some of the clothes out, and poor boy #3 Calvin, I'm getting sick of seeing some of these clothes the third time around. The donation/buying cycle is real around here, and Schoola is the perfect place to go to make it work to benefit us and our community.

Schoola is an online second-hand clothing shop. People donate clothes, specify the school that they want the proceeds of their clothing sales to go to, and others purchase the clothing at reasonable prices. Forty percent of the proceeds of each sale go to schools. These fundraising efforts fund programs such as field trips, art, music, and physical education. As a teacher, I personally know how tight school budgets can be.

The Schoola team picked out some clothes for our boys and sent along a few other goodies, too.

A new with tags Tea brand outfit for Calvin ,

Gymboree and Baby Gap shirts for Wesley,

some Schoola swag, and a Gap button up for Henry to grow into.

My models weren't the most cooperative, but they are darn cute.

This little man wouldn't sit still at all, and his little legs were too chunky for the jeans, but his smile says it all!

This middle man loved the coziness of this sweatshirt!

When new comes in, I always make sure some donations go out. I'm currently getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, so some of the transition clothes I wore will be donated to Schoola. I've also acquired some newer clothes for Calvin, so the good quality items I can thin out from his over-flowing drawers will also head to Schoola

Schoola sent me the clean out bag for free and they label the bag with the prepaid postage to return it as well. All I had to do was fill it up and drop it off at the post office. The proceeds from the contents of this bag will benefit a local elementary. You can read more about how it works here.

Schoola is also partnering with The Malala Fund. I have a second bag partially filled in my closet with items to benefit sending girls around the world to school.

Do you need to do a little (or big) closet clean out and want to donate to a good cause? Head to Schoola and request your free clean out bag!

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