bybmg: Tutorial: Instagram Frame

Tutorial: Instagram Frame


Do you ever just get giddy about a project?!  This one made me giddy for sure. I've been so excited to share it with you! I found the idea on Pinterest via Michaels. They had a little bit of instruction on the page, but not a full-on tutorial, so I want to show you how I made it, step-by-step. I skipped out on the text on the bottom. It's super cute, but I'm not the best free-hand text painter.

All of the paint colors and frame can be purchased at Michaels.
You will need:

1 square frame
acrylic paint
paint brushes
a straight edge
a pencil

The paint colors are listed on the Michael's page. I just had this open on my phone when I went into the store. I subbed Cherry Cobbler for the Tuscan Red because it was 69 cents like the rest.

First, I used a straight edge to draw the line to divide the top and bottom of the camera. 

The first time I did this, painted the whole top brown and then painted the colors for the stripes over it. I do not recommend doing that. I felt like I needed at least four coats of yellow to cover the brown. The second time around, I drew the stripes in with the straight edge first and painted around them. (I just eye balled the placement of them, but you could measure them out if you wanted to).

Then I painted the bottom half the vanilla color. Don't forget to paint the edges! 

Next, I painted the top brown (except for the stripe area)

While I that first coat dried, I went in and painted the inside edge around where the photo will go black. Then, I went back and did another coat of vanilla and brown.

Now, for the stripes. I don't think there's a magical order to work on them. I just decided to do yellow first, since it's the lightest color. I painted two stripes, and let them dry. Having a small, flat brush really helped my accuracy with this step. I let that dry for a bit.

Then I went back in and did the red and green. I also ended up going back and doing another coat on each color.

Next, the small rounded square in the corner. The first time through, I cut out a little rounded square and traced it. The second time, though, I just free handed it. Do what you're comfortable with.

Then I went back in after that dried and added a little rounded shadow on the square similar to what the IG logo has. For that, I just mixed a little of the vanilla with black to make a grayish color.

The last step is to add in black lines between the stripes and the vanilla and brown. Then, it's done!!  
I think the project took me about 1.5 hours from start to finish the first time though, but after that I did multiple ones at the same time, so I had something to do while the others dried. Enjoy! I'd love to see yours if you decide to make one.

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