bybmg: $10 at Target: Over Budget & Giveaway

$10 at Target: Over Budget & Giveaway


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I don't get to Target a ton, but this post makes reason for me to take a monthly "vacation" for a few hours to the land of the red and khaki! I truly look forward to it!

This month I struggled a little bit though in deciding what to buy, and I ended up going a teeny tiny bit over budget. 

Like usual, let's begin with things I didn't buy!

The shoe section had some killer deals.  These were under $7, and it they had them in my size, I would have gotten them.

These cute mugs were on clearance. They would have made great Valentine gifts, too, if I needed something like that.

I love the NYX Butter Gloss. I have been trying to wear a little gloss more often, so I almost snagged this in a new shade.

So, what did I end up with?

My blush brush is shamefully old. Like I don't know how old. I didn't used to wear blush on a daily basis, but I do now. ELF is a great brand that has amazing prices. This angled blush brush was just $3, and it works so well!

My current blush is about kaput, and I don't want to spend the expense to replace it because it wasn't cheap. So, I thought I'd get something new. I bought the NYX Baked Blush in Spanish Rose, and I really like it. I worried it would be too much, but it's perfect.

So, this month I came out with just two things, but they're things I will use daily, so that's a win for me! 

My total was $10.06 after tax and my Red Card discount. Just a TINY bit over, but this is the first month I've gone over!

Do you have a Red Card? I have the debit card version, so it takes it straight out of my checking account and I get 5% off each purchase. If you don't have a Red Card, get one. It's free!

I'm so excited to be teaming up with some wonderful ladies to give away SIX $10 Target gift cards, so you can do the $10 at Target challenge for yourself! Enter below!

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Next month's link up will be Monday, March 22!

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