bybmg: High Five for Friday 1.22

High Five for Friday 1.22


One of my goals for this month was a date night at home with Russ. We made friend ravioli and homemade meatballs last Friday night after the kiddos went to bed. It was so fun and nice to reconnect.


Props to the husband for being great and capturing our life in selfies! We had a great long weekend with our boys. We had a movie night, went to Henry's basketball game, at out at Buffalo Wild Wings, baked cupcakes, and fished in the bath tub. It takes a bit to keep these littles busy when it's terribly cold out, but we did it!


These Cheetos are ridiculous. We all love them, even Calvin. I'm pretty sure we could down a couple bags in our house in a day if we aren't careful. 


I had a friend send me these in our inter-school mail. They arrived on Thursday at the beginning of my 12 hour day. My to-do list and didn't want to do list was a mile long. It came at the perfect time. Isn't it crazy how that can happen?


If you've been here long, you know my love for Jamberry Nails. They have a ton of cute holiday designs, but the two above are my faves. They are so perfect for Valentine's Day and benefit the American Heart Association! The white and red ones should be arriving in my mailbox any day now!

In case you missed what happened on the blog this week:

(We have decided to make this a link up starting next month!)

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Have a great weekend!


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