bybmg: $10 at Target: Barely Made It

$10 at Target: Barely Made It


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First, let's start off with a collage of what I didn't buy. 

If I was planning a girlie birthday party, the dollar spot would have been the perfect place. Tassel banner, poofs, a cute plate, a chalkboard easel. I realize some of those would work for a boy, but anywho, super cute. Didn't buy. I also looked at some three-ring binders. I originally had printed out a pretty calendar from Pinterest to use for blog planning. Thinking more into it, carrying it around in a three-ring binder just isn't feasible for me. I need something small and compact.

So, here's what I ended up with! I know I try to venture out of the dollar spot, but I just couldn't this month. Too many cute things at great prices!

A cute tote for $3! 

Mini journals for $1 - great for blog ideas!

This sign - Yes, I could make it, but for $3, so much easier to buy. I think I will end up taking it to school to put by my desk.

I decided to replace my printable blog calendar with this one - It's simple, very thin, and has a side column to keep track of my goals. I use a Google calendar for life stuff because I share it with Russ and it's nice to have it with me all the time. Blog stuff goes on a paper calendar.

New mechanical pencils to use in my calendar and idea book - I don't like to write much in my blog calendar in pen. It's strange, I know, but I like the idea that things can move or be changed.

And I had almost a buck left, so I picked up some Valentine's socks, because why not?

I know I was cutting it close with tax and such. I figured this might be the first month I go over, but I didn't! See that total? Phew!

A pretty good haul for just under $10 if I do say so my self!

Now go check out the other ladies' hauls!  

Next month, we'll be sharing our hauls on Monday, February 22. I'm kind of going back and forth about making this a blog hop vs a link up. A link up has the flexibility that if you aren't in one month, no biggie, or you can jump in some month if you want. A blog hop requires more of a commitment. Maybe I need a mix of both? Committed hosts and a link up?  What do you think?

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