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$4 Valentine Tassel Banner


One of my goals this month was to create something. Valentines decor had been on my mind, so I thought about what I could make that wouldn't cost a ton. I'd eyed some fun tassel banners in the Target dollar spot. I didn't grab them, but decided to make some myself. I think they were $3 at the dollar spot, but a) I wanted to make something and b) the materials for this could make at least half a dozen banners.

I'd seen banners like this made with tissue paper. Cute, but I didn't feel like they would store well. I pondered what to use, and plastic table cloths came to mind. I headed to the Dollar Tree, and picked up three. I already had the string at home, but had I not, I could have purchased a roll at the dollar tree for another buck. The cost of this project could have been decreased had I gone for fewer colors.

When I started this project, I wasn't really sure how much table cloth I'd use. I just cut up the third little fold because it looked like a good idea. It was about 20 inches.

I cut up a little past the heart design, which was 10 inches.

Then, I cut slits up about 1 inch wide and about 9 inches tall. I cut with the tablecloth doubled up just to accomplish more at once. One thing I did learn when cutting plastic table cloth is that you need very sharp scissors or it will me a hot mess. I actually had to dig out my fabric scissors. I wasn't too excited about using them on plastic, but I figured it would be a short project, so I wouldn't do too much harm.

I bundled one layer of the 20 x 10 inch section up to see how it would look as a tassel. I felt it looked too full.

So, I cut it in half. My tassels were officially made from a 10 x 10 inch section.

I repeated the same steps with white and red table cloths too. Then, I cut off a long piece of string and tied the tassels on one-by-one. I eyeballed the space between them, but you could measure it if you wanted. I would guess it was about 3 - 4 inches.

I hung the tassel banner in our kitchen window. I love how it turned out! And I still have tons of table cloth left! 

I found some inspiration on Pinterest for another quick project. I used the string I had on hand and found some heart doilies at Dollar Tree. I used the full doilie on my larger jar and cut out the inner heart part on the smaller jar. I wrapped the string around, and it was done! The pitcher was one I already had. These sit on a little table below the window the banner hangs across.

Have you decorated for Valentine's Day? What's your favorite easy DIY decor project?

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