bybmg: High Five for Friday 1.15 - Christmas Gifts

High Five for Friday 1.15 - Christmas Gifts

First off, shout out to my brother! Today's his birthday!  Happy Birthday, Matt!


Wesley and I attempted to make donuts in my new pan I got from Christmas, though they were the appropriate shape, they were not quite right. They fell apart pretty easily, so back to the drawing board. Do you have any good baked donut recipes? I also got a pouring shield for my Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas. No more flour flying everywhere when I turn on the mixer!


I ordered up a couple new Origami Owl charms for February - a cute little donut and a cupcake. Love them!


Henry drew this family picture at school. It lacks some details in our bodies, but I just laugh at the things he does include. He is holding his iPod and Russ is holding his iPhone. I'm holding Calvin. Wesley is holding his basket of toys. Such a reality in our house. 


I recieved this journal for Christmas. It's a list to complete each week. Such a fun journal. I am sure a few of the lists will appear on here. Week 1 was goals, which I've already shared with you.


I saw this quote this week and it made me laugh, especially being a middle school teacher!

In case you missed what happened on the blog this week:

I guest posted a blush and burgundy look at Rachel's blog.

I shared how you can get all of these goodies for free!

I shared what I wore.

And, I shared some photos of my boys with The Picture Perfect Project.

Have a great weekend! I'm super excited because this is a three day weekend for me!


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