bybmg: The Picture Perfect Project - January

The Picture Perfect Project - January


When Henry was six weeks old, Russ and I did what many new parents do, and hauled him in to get some professional pictures taken. We spent absolutely way too much money for the quality of photos that we got, and we decided we'd instead buy our own DSLR for future kiddo photos. Now, we still get family photos done every year, but besides that, we wanted to do our own. Russ has done a fifty billion times better job at using the camera than I have, but this year, I'm taking a stab at it.

I'm joining in with some fabulous ladies to be a part of the Picture Perfect Project. Each month I'll be sharing a few photos I've taken with the DSLR. We have a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. We have 17 - 55mm lens. Russ tells me it's called a "walk around lens and it's 2.8 aperture all the way through. Just passing along that info for you camera junkies. I am really just learning how to use it. I can white balance. I can change the aperture (though I didn't when I took these photos). I can attempt to use the rule of thirds (sometimes).

I decided with this challenge to focus on documenting of each of our boys in their element. It might look messy, but I just want these photos to capture the every day life we have. I don't really plan to edit the photos in any way except for possibly cropping them a little. This month I have three pictures of each boy.


He was working on putting his Pokemon cards into the card protector sheets we got him. I love how bright our living room can be, so that really helped with these pictures. I played around with standing on the ottoman and taking pictures from above for the last two. He seems to be a little out of focus in the last picture.


I took these pictures of Wes at the same time as Henry's. He had just woken up from his nap, so he wasn't really in the mood for pictures and was zoning out on the TV. I really can't get over how he totes his little Sheriff Callie toys he got as a Christmas gift from our daycare provider everywhere. He seriously sleeps with the basket of toys. He is also obsessed with Mickey Mouse, so him happening to wear his t-shirt on the day I took these is just perfect. Looking at these pictures now, it just hits me how he's turning into a little boy and leaving the toddler state. I tried the top-down view for the first picture.


The exersaucer is our friend right now in containing this little man. He crawls everywhere. He has two little bottom teeth, which you can see in the last photo. He has been keeping me up at night lately, but he's still so joyful. I don't think there's enough light on his face in the first two photos, and there's some little glare on the second one, but I just adore the last one. The drool. The teeth. The hand dimples. 

What do you think?

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