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Our Holiday Decor: Holiday Home Tour & Link Up


Welcome to my holiday home tour! This is a straight up, non-edited iPhone picture tour of our home's holiday decor (though I did pick up a few goldfish crackers off the floor before I took pictures around the tree)! Enjoy!

I've switched up wreaths through the years. This one was a Target clearance find if I remember right. I love the sparkle.

When you come up the front stairs, you'll see our coat rack. I added a couple easy decorations. The tree is a Target clearance find from a few years back and the sign is a Target Dollar Spot find from last year.

I made this wreath as a DIY project a few years ago. It hangs on our upstairs coat closet. It doesn't hold all of our cards, but I rotate them out. I didn't show a picture of our actual cards on there now because I'm not sure if the card givers want to be on the blog :)

This is a little shelf we store toys in upstairs, and all of these decorations are new this year. The rope trees are a craft fair find and the other wooden trees are kits I got a couple years ago at Target and the boys finally decorated them this year. The standing doll creeped in on the decorations.

The stocking hanger had to find a different location this year since we put up the ledge shelves. This is the hall wall of our living room which has been blank since we moved in 3.5 years ago, so I moved the stockings here and added the new Christmas countdown I made at The Knotty Nail (and Wesley added some of his own artwork!). After Christmas I hope to finally decorate this wall with things that can stay up the rest of the year.

After a lot of thinking and some Instagram story suggestions, I decided to decorate this shelf with pictures from Christmases past. The red frame held last year's picture, but Wesley needed a Christmas picture for school and I didn't have time to print another one, so I stole it. I will replace it. I also added a flat wooden tree behind the joy sign after I took this picture. The frames are from Kohls and craft fairs. The decorations are random and the canvas was made by my niece and nephew. 

We keep this nativity out to play with all year, but I try to purposely set it up for display during the Christmas Season. I try to keep most of our decor kid-friendly.

These little trees were a DIY project a few years ago and I want to make more some year! The pillow is from Ann + Anthony and the throw is a new buy from Kohls on Black Friday.

This snowman pillow was a gift last Christmas and the throw is one my grandma made.

Russ's mom bought me pieces to this Willow Tree nativity the first couple years we were together. The third wiseman is currently injured and I need to fix him. I also saw there are a few more pieces I don't have, so I may try to buy them sometime.

I think I found this nativity last year or the year before, but I love that it is also kid friendly. This nativity and the Willow Tree one are in our front bay window on both sides of the tree.

Here's our tree! It's a pre-lit one that we've had for a few years. One set of lights went out this year, and I put on some string lights to fill in the gap. We may buy a new tree for next year and move this one downstairs since don't have much for decor down there.

Every year I put all of our Christmas books under the tree until Christmas Day. It invites the kids to read!

This is our kitchen table set up. I got the table runner a few years ago and I rotate the placemats. I have these yellow ones and green ones.

In the middle of the table I have our Lazy Susan with a couple Advent activities we made at church this year. I had an evergreen decoration I had gotten at a craft fair but the cat kept attacking it. We also have our sparkle box that goes along with this book my mom got us. If you don't have The Sparkle Box book, I would say it's a must have. 

I decorated our ladder shelf above the table with canvases made by the boys and my niece and nephew. The Fa La La La banner is from the Target Dollar Spot last year or the year before.

Every year we do chocolate Advent calendars and the Melissa and Doug tree countdown is a hit. The snowmen are from different family members and the sled is a family heirloom. 

I also have some festive towels hung on the oven but I forgot to take a picture of them! This is a picture from a few years ago.

Lastly, I added a couple touches to my bathroom. I love bottle brush trees and the pallet towel holder shelf Russ made is the perfect spot for them. 

I also added some touches of gold to my flowers. I try to keep fresh flowers in this jar in the bathroom.

So, that's the tour! I can't wait to see yours. I think next year I want to add some decor downstairs - maybe get that second tree?! We'll see! I just looked back at our home tour from 2015 which was the first Christmas in this home, and it's fun to see how I've used a lot of the same decor, but just moved things around!

This year's Holiday Home Tour hosts include Crystal, Leslie, Penny, ShellyStephanieWhitney, and Keri. I would love for you to visit the homes of these ladies, they have such beautiful spaces and I love the holiday touches they have throughout their homes.

Now it's time to link up!

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