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DIY Felt Christmas Trees


Sometimes it's good to be a slight hoarder. I hoard craft supplies, and it really comes in handy when I get the crafting itch. Especially on a day where it's -10 degrees and I don't want to step foot outside my house! This weekend I got the craft itch, so I pulled out some supplies and made these beauties. These would make a fun late minute gift or just add a little to the decorations you already have! Here's how I did it:

So, this project doesn't really require that many supplies, but having extra felt around is always a good thing. I pulled out some festive colors from my stash. The cones were a random purchase on Black Friday at Joann's. I knew I wanted to add some sort of little tree with them, but I wasn't sure what kind. I dug out the hot glue gun and my trusty "use only for fabric" scissors, and I got to work.

I cut up the felt into small rectangles. They were various sizes, but most about 1' x 1.5". I ended up cutting more up along the way as needed. I didn't have much of the dark or light green felt, but I had multiple sheets of the lime green, so that became the majority of the trees.

I used the hot glue gun to attach the felt to the bottom of the cone. I really like using hot glue with felt because I feel like it works the best. Other glues soak in to the felt and don't stick well. 

Then, I added another layer of felt. I tried to stagger them and add in some of the other greens randomly. I didn't want it to look patterned but I wanted to be a little purposeful.

I continued this all the way up the tree. I was worried about how it would look at the top, but I just cut the felt off at an angle after I glued them on and it seemed to be good.

I continued this with the two other cones. I decided to do greens on one of the small trees, green with red and white on the other small tree, and then tie it all together for the larger tree. All in all the project took me an hour from start to finish, and some of that time was making my way out of hot glue spiderwebs! So, if you're looking for a last minute decoration or gift, I think this would be fun!  Or, just pin it for an idea for next year!

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