bybmg: Trying Out Thred Up Goody Box

Trying Out Thred Up Goody Box


I saw Whitney try out the Thred Up Goody Box, and I thought it would be fun to try. 

This post contains a referral link. I will get store credit (at no added cost to you) if you make a purchase through my link.

The Thred Up Goody Box is a subscription box service. You fill out a style profile which includes your size, style, brands you like, and your price range, and they send you a box with 10 hand picked second hand pieces. The box has a $20 up front cost ($10 if you use my link) and then you can apply that cost to items you purchase. Here's what I got:

Polo Dress: $21.99

So I will admit that when I opened the box and saw this on top I was disappointed. this dress reminds me of the 90s and is nothing I would wear. But, I tried it on for you, blog readers. :) Verdict: Returned

Fossil Pull Over Sweater: $35.99
Taylor Pants: $15.99

I thought I would like the sweater, but it is really thin and see-through. Also the sleeves seemed short - too short to wear normally and too long to be a 3/4 sleeve. The pants look okay in this picture but they were a little snug. Verdicts: Returned. 

Lands End Pullover Sweater: $22.99
H&M Pants: $15.99

Neither of these pieces were really my style. I don't wear many capri-length pants right now nor 3/4 sleeve tops. Verdict: Returned.

Lilly Pulitzer Tank: $22.99
Same as above H&M Pants: $15.99

These are the same pants as above. I was excited to see a Lilly piece in the box, but it was pretty plain and didn't seem much different from a Target tank, so I didn't keep it. Verdict: Returned.

Velvet Pullover Sweater: 23.99
Banana Republic Pants: 15.99

I was excited about the red pants, but when I got them on they were a little snug. The sweater was just okay. I isn't something I would see myself wearing a lot. Verdict: Returned.

Sugar Lips Dress: 26.99

I am not a huge shirt dress person, but this one surprised me. It totally looks like something that I could wear to school. Looking at this picture I'm kind of kicking myself for returning it. Verdict: Returned.

The Limited Dress: 21.99

This was the item I was probably most excited about when I saw it in the box. It is a light sweatshirt material. Putting it on though it I just wasn't in love. Verdict: Returned.

Honestly, I wasn't in love with many things in the box. The things I kind of liked I didn't keep because I talked myself out of spending more money (even if it was $10 - $15) on lackluster items I might wear once and resell or donate. I blame the fact that I had just gotten done cleaning out my closet the day before I tried on all the pieces and I was staring at a pile of items on the floor that I didn't love anymore. I would probably be up for trying this again, but at a later day. I would also be more specific about what I was looking for and may up my price point a little too.

If you want to give this a try for just $10, use my link!

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