bybmg: High Five for Friday 8.3 - Date Night, Visitors, and Back Yard Fun

High Five for Friday 8.3 - Date Night, Visitors, and Back Yard Fun

Happy Friday! Della at Della Devoted, Katie at Cup of Tea, Tif at Bright on a Budget, and I want to welcome you to High Five for Friday! Each week we share the best parts of the week and hope you'll join us! Remember you can link up your highlights post or up to THREE of your favorite posts from this past week!


Last Friday night, Russ and I had a night out with friends. We went downtown to a cute little place for drinks and food and then to an outdoor concert. We really don't take advantage of all the fun things Des Moines has to offer, so it was fun to get out!


Saturday morning we got up and went to the Ankeny Farmer's Market. Des Moines has a big farmer's market on Saturdays, but it can often be crowded and a little overwhelming. Finding Ankeny's has been a great treat because it's smaller but still has a lot to see. 


Russ's sister lives out of town and she stayed with the boys while we were in Mexico. She went to visit some family elsewhere in Iowa and then we had one more day with her before she headed back home. The boys will miss their Auntie Jo Jo!


We were gifted a tent from one of Russ's coworkers who was moving and we set it up in the yard a couple days this week. The boys LOVED to play in it and Henry and Wesley enjoyed sleeping out there, too!


Wesley conquered the monkey bars this week! He was so proud and wants to show everyone his new skill.

{Bonus SIX}

Our friend Tracy came to visit this week for a couple days with her family. The boys loved playing with her kiddos and we just had a blast hanging out with our families! We hadn't seen them for a few years, but it was just like old times.

How was your week?

Here's what happened on the blog this week:

We would like to announce that the H54F linkup is expanding to where you can drop links for up to 3 of your posts each week. Of course, you can still drop your link for a Friday 5 post, but we want to make this a platform for our followers to discover a variety of fun new content each week.

Now that we're sharing more posts for the link up, I'll be highlighting three of my favorites that were linked up last week!

Nicole's post about 15 Things Only Bloggers Do was so true but also funny!

Amanda posted about some recent shopping finds!

If you own coral jeans like I do, you'll want to read this post for some ideas on how to wear them!

Now, it's time to link up your favorite posts of the week!

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