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$10 at Target - Summer Needs

Even though we ended the $10 at Target Link Up, I still plan to post my $10 Target finds from time to time. Today I'm sharing a shopping trip I took to Target in early July!

As usual I share first what I didn't buy...

This cute little metal tote was in the dollar spot. I think it was $5. I always go back and forth about buying one of these for entertaining. I didn't buy it this time though.

This donut tank was in the sleepwear section. It was over my $10 budget but oh so cute!

Within the past year I have become a bath bomb lover. I always have to check out the bombs anywhere I go. 

I also love make up brushes and the Real Techniques ones are in big rotation in my make up routine. I always like to see if they came out with something new.

I like to look for the boys, too, and I stumbled upon fun Silly Putty. I need to remember this as a stocking stuffer come Christmas.

This also looked tempting for our road trips, but I didn't end up getting it.

I love pretty plates (as you remember from my purchase here) and I almost grabbed a set of these!

So what did I actually get?

I finally pulled the trigger on another floppy hat for $5 and I picked up some new markers, too. I saw this hat and thought it was unlike ones I'd seen. I took it on our trip to Mexico and loved it. I realized on this last trip to Mexico that my other floppy hat is loosing some of it's brim firmness (if that's a thing...) and it was a little toooooo floppy, so next year I'll be on the look out for a new tan colored hat for vacation. 

I took the markers on our vacation with my family along with some coloring books. They came in handy when we were hanging out in the house the 16 of us stayed in to keep the kids busy for a little while. I also realized at home that a lot of our markers had dried out because the kids leave the caps off, so some fresh new ones was a cheerful addition to our art cart.

Have you found anything fun at Target recently?

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