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Recent Amazon Purchases


Back in January I rounded up some things I'd purchased on Amazon lately, and I figured it was time for another round up! Amazon is so, so handy. So often I can get things from them sooner than I can from the store! Buying online, especially clothes, sometimes make people nervous, but  I have utilized the free returns a couple times on some clothing items and it is so easy!

Also, now that we're a diaper-less household, I still you the subscribe and save but for different things. I always try to make sure I have five items in my subscribe and save to get the 15% discount!

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1. Aixy Swimwear Bikini Set - I wanted a new suit for summer. I really like high waisted bottoms, so I figured I'd give this one a try because it had free returns. I read the reviews and decided to go with a large. It fits really well and I look forward to wearing it this summer!

2. 64 pair Beauty Makeup Eyeliner Stickies Stencil - Though I really love make up, sometimes I struggle with the precision part of it, especially liner, so when I saw these stickers I decided to give them a try. I reviewed them in my SeneGence group and they actually work really well! They also come with shadow stickers so if you're worried about ending up with shadow all over, they work well too!

3. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker - I love hard boiled eggs! When I started back on Weight Watchers for a few weeks, I ate a lot of eggs because they are zero points! I'm not currently on Weight Watchers, but I am still trying to grab for eggs as snacks instead of some other things, so this has been super helpful!

4. BS-MALLPremium 14 Pcs Synthetic Makeup Brush Set - I've been doing some make overs, but I didn't want to spend a ton on a whole new set of brushes if I was just going to use them occasionally. I found this set on lightening deal for under $10 and many people said they liked them. They come in a couple of different colors and I actually picked up another set to use as a giveaway!

5. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Variety Pack Classic Mix Box of 30 bags - I have one child who would prefer to eat Goldfish for breakfast or really any time of day than anything else. I realize buying single serving items isn't the most cost-effective but for our mornings and when we're on the go they're really handy! They will also be great for traveling this summer.

6. Airheads Bars, Chewy Fruit Candy 60 Count - I added a box of these to my subscribe and save one month. I meant to use them at Easter but got enough things to fill their baskets. Since these don't melt, I think they will be a fun treat on our road trips this summer!

Just six things from Amazon isn't all my recent purchases, but they were probably some of my favorite. I also have these shakes and the vanilla ones on our monthly subscribe and save. I have one with my iced coffee every morning! I switched to a 38mm Apple watch so I picked up this watchband in lip print because I just had to have it! And if you missed my Friday post last week, I'm also read this book about decluttering. It has been really helpful!

What are some things you've purchased from Amazon lately?

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