bybmg: $10 at Target - Repurchased!

$10 at Target - Repurchased!


We're back for another episode of $10 at Target! Each month blogger friends and I head to the happy place with the red bulls eye and shop with just a $10 budget! It's always fun! First I always start off with what I didn't get...

PS Sorry for the technical difficulties yesterday!

The letterboards were back at our dollar spot. I have it in pink and it was so tempting to pick up a teal one, but I didn't. 

This activity book was also in the dollar spot. I need to be on the lookout for these as summer gets closer for road trips!

I looked at the beauty aisle. I really thought about a beauty blender, but they are not cheap! $11 for the 2 pack of $6 for one. 

It's fun to see that Target now has beauty boxes in store for $7. I was so tempted to pick up the one with all the face masks!

This top was on sale for under $10. I love the stripe/dot look!

This top was also on sale for under $10 and looks so cozy!

I also love this notepad/clipboard combo, but I found other things instead.

So, what did I end up with...

On of my favorite tumblers broke the other week, so I picked up another pack of these Aladdin ones. You get 3 tumblers for $5 which is a STEAL and they fit my iced coffee perfectly. I actually purchased them one year ago in April 2017's $10 at Target!

The road trip bingo was just too good to pass up at $1 per card! They will be perfect for our road trips this summer.

Last, I threw in two bath bombs because they were only $1. I have started to love bath bombs, and so do the boys. Bath bombs are not cheap, so finding a couple I could use for the boys for just a buck was perfect to round out my $10!

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