bybmg: High Five For Friday 4.20 - Never Ending Winter

High Five For Friday 4.20 - Never Ending Winter

Happy Friday! Della at Della Devoted, Katie at Cup of Tea, Tif at Bright on a Budget, and I want to welcome you to High Five for Friday! Each week we share the best parts of the week and hope you'll join us!


Saturday Henry went to church camp for the day, so we just had the littler two. It was cold and gross outside, so we took them to explore the Des Moines Children's Museum. It's just starting out and currently is in a storefront at a local mall, but the boys had so much fun exploring. I know we will go back.


Not really a highlight, but the stinking winter just won't let go! We got measurable snow this past weekend. What is up with that in April? I think we're finally over it as today and forward looks like it's going to be in the 50s or 60s. The bad weather has definitely been affecting my mood. 


We had Wesley's Kindergarten night this week. I really can't believe we'll have another one in elementary school next year and Calvin will be in preschool! Slow down, time!


I had a Ruby Ribbon party a week ago, and my hostess goodies came in the mail this week! So many new comfy and slimming things. I'm pumped!


I went to my first Cabi party this week. Cabi is an in home shopping experience. It was so fun trying on their clothes! Super cute stuff that can be mixed and matched!

How was your week?

Here's what happened on the blog this week:

$10 at Target

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Now, it's time to link up your highlights of the week!

Our feature blogger this week is Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side. Sarah shares great hair tutorials and lots of great style. Stop over and say hi!

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