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Sangria for a Crowd


Every year for the past nine years, we have taken one weekend late in the summer and headed down to southern Iowa with some other couples to have some kid-free fun. We usually just hang out, go boating, play some out door games and sit around the camp fire. It's a great way to reconnect with friends without the kids around. Russ and I have been digging sangria this summer, so we decided we would mix up a batch to share! 

Costco has some great tasting sangria and the price of it can't be beat either. One large bottle is seven bucks! We decided to jazz it up and stretch it a little with some Prosecco, Diet Cherry 7up, a peach, and an orange.

Orange slices are just the prettiest, aren't they? I cut the orange into some 1/2 inch slices.

Then, I cut the peach into wedges. I think I did about 12 slices from the whole peach.

Peaches can be good, or they can be BAD, so I had to taste test to check. This one was delish!

We have a large drink dispenser which is perfect for this recipe. First, I poured in two bottles of the sangria.

Next, I popped the Prosecco and added that in.

Then, I topped it off the with the Diet Cherry 7up. Why this you ask? 1) to add a little fizz and 2) to cut a few of the calories per glass.

I tossed in the orange slices

and the peach slices.

Then I gave it a good mix. If you really want the fruit to meld in a little bit, I would recommend letting it sit for a few hours before serving.

Then, it was time to give it a taste test!

It was delish and we had plenty to share! This would be a great drink for any large gathering. 

Are you a sangria lover? What drinks do you serve when you're entertaining?

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