bybmg: High Five for Friday 3.17 - Spring Break Recap

High Five for Friday 3.17 - Spring Break Recap

We had a nice week of spring break! The weather didn't feel much like spring most of the week, but we made the best of it! Each week I round up five highlights of the week!


Henry has been learning so much at school, and he spotted Abraham Lincoln outside the mall, so we had to take a photo!


We spent a couple days in Omaha this week. We stayed at a hotel with a water park and the boys had the time of their lives. I've been loving Desiree's wall photos, so when I found one in our hotel, I had to get the boys there for a picture!


Though we have a Five Guys in our area now, it was fun to hit it up while we were in Omaha. YUM!


We've told you about our love for Ben the Rooster before. This week Ben shared his first video episode of Ben's Mailbox and he also shared a video Henry sent him!


Happy St. Patrick's Day! If you need some ideas for celebrating, make sure to check out my round up from Tuesday!

Also if you need an idea to wear green today, check our Monday's post!

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