bybmg: High Five for Friday 3.10 - Family Time!

High Five for Friday 3.10 - Family Time!

Happy Friday! I'm so excited because next week we're on spring break! We don't have any huge plans, just some fun things to mix it up a little bit. Here are highlights of this week!


Henry's school had a family night on Friday night. It was a little chaotic because there were a lot of people there, but we did hit up the photo booth, and I think the pictures totally capture our personalities!


Russ told me my birthday gift from him was going to be a little delayed, but it arrived on Friday. He got me SnapChat Spectacles! Have you heard of them? I hadn't either, but they are so fun. You can learn more about them on their site, but basically, I can click a button, it will take a video, then it syncs with snapchat! I can edit the video and then upload it. I think they'll be fun for this summer when we're out and about.


Russ's parents took Cal for Saturday night through Sunday so we were able to take the two bigger boys to the Lego Batman movie. We had a blast and everyone made it through the whole movie. Henry really did enjoy himself, he was just being silly for the picture.


We also got to attend two birthday parties last weekend. One for a friend and one for my niece! Isn't that cake cute?


Monday night, Henry and I took a cookie decorating class with our town's community education program. It was so fun and he was so creative! We also had Henry's conference at school this week and he's doing so well!

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