bybmg: 4 Ways to Make Your Direct Sales Business Stand Out

4 Ways to Make Your Direct Sales Business Stand Out

I received product free in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

I've been in direct sales for a few years now. I've been with two different companies, and I think I've finally found my sweet spot with being a distributor for Senegence. Senegence is the company that makes LipSense. I've been with them for about eight months, and I'm learning new things every day. I feel like I've been somewhat successful, so today I wanted to share some tips that I think are helping me stand out!

Do something every day for your business.

This is a motto that I think a lot of direct sales companies go by, but if you want to get regular business and show up above the rest, you need to be consistent. Every morning, I post my lip color of the day to my Facebook group. If it's the weekend and I haven't gotten my make up on yet, I typically try to post something that will get my group to interact. 

One thing that is important for me is that I don't bombard the masses with unwanted advertising, so I stick to my Facebook group, which is a group of ladies who have chosen to follow my journey. I do not post things regularly about LipSense to my normal Facebook account. I think in general, this is when people get annoyed with people in direct sales. Occasionally I will invite people to join my Facebook group via my public profile, but I tend to only do that about every couple weeks. I do that as a reminder that I'm a part of LipSense (because I have had people directed my way from family and friends), but I want to keep my personal Facebook profile personal, not business.

Social media is a strong force for direct sales right now, and there are a ton of courses you can take to get better at it, but for me, consistency is a huge factor.

Take your business on the go.

I recently invested in a Luci Bag. This bag has clear pockets which I can use to display products or catalogs when I'm out and about. I don't carry it everywhere because sometimes I need to turn my business mind off, but when I'm out getting groceries, running errands, or elsewhere, I carry it with me. I have had people out and about ask me questions about LipSense, and though it's not lead to a sale from a stranger *yet* I have been able to hand out my card and have product with me when coworkers and friends ask.

Have a great team.

Now this may sound silly since you want to work on YOUR business, but the importance of a team that will support you on the way is huge. 

When you sign up for direct sales, consider who you are signing up under. Are they helpful with answering questions? Or are they too busy trying to build a team to help you? I've seen so many people sign up under someone because they were offering some sort of shiny sign up bonus, and this can be misleading. Don't sign up for the sign up bonus. Sign up for a team that will help build you up! Over and over again, the gals on my team will speak to how great we are because we're always willing to answer each other's questions or help each other out.


Packaging is huge, and it's a true way to make your business stand out. People want to feel special when they receive your product. I've rotated through a couple different types of packaging since I've started LipSense, but I have finally settled on the packaging I love thanks to some adorable custom stickers!

I package up the LipSense in a simple paper bag, tuck in a business card, and seal it up with a lips sticker I created at StickerApp! Making he custom stickers was so simple. I designed the lips image in one of my favorite photo apps, then simply uploaded it to StickerApp, they trimmed around the image to the perfect shape, I approved it, and hit click to order!

Besides my custom design, StickerApp also has designs made by others that you can order as well. I got some fun heart eye emoji stickers that I know my students will love. Prices start at just $20 for custom stickers, which is pretty reasonable when you want to do something to make your packaging stand out.

Are you in direct sales? What are some things that you are doing to rock your business? If you're not in direct sales, what are some things you see that you like?

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