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Valentine Heart Handprint Art


My Valentine decor is lacking around the house, so I thought it would be fun to have the boys help me make something. Again, I'm a craft supply hoarder, so I had everything I needed to make this project at home!

I try to keep a lot of acrylic paints around because they always come in handy. I got out my red and white, both of which were almost empty, but I was able to get enough out to make it work. I found this cute little pallet-like wall hanging in the Target dollar spot for $3 a long time ago. I picked up three, and I'm glad I did because I goofed up on the first one! 

This project actually took me three days to complete. I'm not usually a multi-day project person, but with the paint dry time, I had to do one boy's hands each night. If it were a weekend, I could have probably gotten it done in a day, but I worked on it this week. I painted Henry's hands red. I figured he would be the easiest child to start with being the oldest.

I placed his left hand at an angle pointing inward with his thumb out. This way the palm of his hand could be the top of the heart.

Then, I places his other hand on so it overlapped at the finger tips. Voila! A heart!

The next day I repeated the same steps with Wesley's hand. I mixed the red and white paint together to make pink. He was a little more wiggly, but we make it work. We let it dry again and then added Calvin's hand. Being 1 1/2, he was the least cooperative. No pictures of his white hands because we just had to get it DONE!

Here's the finished project. Calvin's white hands don't quite look like hearts, but I think with the coloring and and other two, it looks Valentine-ish. Don't you?

I did a little moving around of things on my trusty ladder shelf, added my Valentine's tassel banner from last year, and I think we have a little Valentine decor in our dining room.

What do you think?

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